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The biggest answer you can see is that Vishnu’s Rama incarnation was the limit of Purushottam and Krishna’s incarnation was Purnavatar. Shri Krishna was proficient in all the arts. But here we are going to tell you something different.

The period of Lord Rama was the last phase of Tretayuga. It is said that people in Satyug were completely truthful, honest and virtuous. In this age the proportion of sin was only 0% and the proportion of virtue was 100%. Religion had four legs. Religion had three legs in Tretayuga.

In this age the proportion of sin was 25% and the proportion of virtue was 75%. There were only two legs of religion in Dwapar. In this age the proportion of sin was 50% and the proportion of virtue was 50%. Religion has no foothold in Kalikal. In this age the proportion of sin is 75% and the proportion of virtue is only 25%.

Even sinners in the time of Rama were the Holy Spirit. As Ravana was considered a sinner but he was a virtuous soul. He was a devotee of Shiva. Even after Sita’s abduction, he did not marry or force her without Sita’s consent.

Even in the family of a villain like Ravana, there were saints like Vibhishan. Bali was an evil monkey but he also had an understanding of religion. His wife Tara and son Angade supported the religion. This means that 75% of the people in those days had knowledge of religion.

In such a situation, one cannot think of such deception from anyone who is against religion. People felt ashamed of their sins and were deeply remorseful. When Lord Rama also killed Ravana, he was very sad. After killing a great priest, he did penance to avoid this sin.

Sinners were sinners in the time of Shri Krishna. In addition to being a sinner, he was also cruel. They could not even think of doing religious deeds. When unarmed Abhimanyu was brutally beaten by many people, was he religious?

The Kauravas deceitfully sent the Pandavas into exile and in Varanasi the vow to kill them by deception was religious. Can you expect justice and honest behavior from those who tore Draupadi in a crowd meeting?

Bhishma was sitting in silence while Draupadi was being stripped naked in the meeting. Can you expect religion from people (Dhritarashtra) who spend their life in jail for their mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law? Can you expect religion from such people (Bhishma)

Who kidnaps King Kashi’s three daughters (Amba, Ambalika and Ambika) and forcibly marries Satyavati’s son Vichitravirya? Similarly, against the wishes of Gandhari and his father Subal, Bhishma arranged the marriage of Dhritarashtra to Gandhari. The Mahabharata is full of stories of Kaurava’s cruelty. If such people had a chance to survive the war they could have won the war and history would have been different.

Shri Krishna decided according to his time and circumstances. The assassination of Acharya Drona, the blow to Duryodhana’s lower thigh, the amputation of Dushasan’s chest, the betrayal of Jayadratha, the murder of unarmed Karna and the murder of the first brutal Jarasandh were all justified.

When cruel and immoral forces like Shakuni, Jayadratha, Jarasandha, Duryodhana, Dushasana attack to completely destroy truth and religion, morality becomes meaningless. Then what is important is victory, only victory. It was Dwapar Yuga, but this Kali Yuga continues. So be careful. Name of Rama and Hanuman who saves, floats and handles.

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