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There are many deities mentioned in Hinduism. There are many stories associated with each of these deities. If you notice one thing, they also have their own special vehicle. Just as Ganesha’s vehicle is a rat, so is Shiva’s Nandi (ox). In this episode Lord Vishnu’s vehicle is the eagle bird. Ever since the eagle got the status of Vishnu’s vehicle, it has also been called Pakshiraj.

By the way, apart from the eagle, Lord Vishnu has another vehicle on which he does not travel, but he rests. You may have seen many such photos of Vishnu in which he is making Sheshnag a bed and resting on it. In such a situation, have you ever wondered why Lord Vishnu chose Sheshnag as his bed? There is actually a very interesting story behind it that we are going to tell you today.

Daksha Prajapati had two daughters named Kadru and Vinta. He married Kashyap Rishi. After the marriage, Kadru demanded a thousand serpent sons as a blessing from her husband Kashyap Rishi, while his second wife Vinta asked for only two wonderful sons.

After this Kadru laid one thousand eggs while Vinta laid only two eggs. Kadru’s eggs broke first and out of them a thousand serpent sons were born. Because of this Vinta hurriedly broke one of her eggs prematurely. But the torso of the baby that came out of it was not down.

The child got angry and cursed that you broke the raw egg, so for the next 500 years you will be your sister’s (Kudru) maid. At the same time the child said that now let the next egg hatch by itself. The brilliant child that will be born from this will free you from the curse. After this, a boy named Arun went to the shelter of Suryadev and became the companion of his chariot.

In this way the eagle became the vehicle of Vishnu. Shortly after, Vinta’s second egg leg and out of it came an eagle, a unique speed and bright son. Once Kadru ordered the eagle that you are the son of my maid, so take my sons for a walk. At first the eagle got angry but then he obeyed his stepmother.

While moving the snake sons, the eagle told them to free my mother from the curse, on which the snake said that it is possible if you bring us nectar. The eagle then defeated several deities, including Indra, and snatched the nectar. Pleased with the eagle’s feat, Indra befriended him and told him not to take nectar.

On this the eagle said that I will keep the nectar there and free the mother from the curse, then you can take it back if you want. Meanwhile, the eagle also met Vishnu. Pleased with them, Vishnu asked the eagle to ask for a blessing.

Sheshnag thus became the bed of Lord Vishnu. The eagle brought nectar and freed his mother Vinta from the curse. The lost eagle had to give this nectar back to his friend Indra, so he put it on Kush’s seat so that Nagbhai could not drink it. Later, when the snake came, it licked Kush in the process of drinking nectar, which caused his tongue to tear.

When his mother Kudru found out about this, she became angry and cursed him that you would become the food of the eagle. The egoistic snakes did not care about this curse of the mother, but they also had a snake named Shesh Nag. He took the incarnation of Brahmaji by heating it hard.

When Brahma asked for blessing, Sheshnag said, “My brother is a snake, I don’t want to be with him. They consider the eagle an enemy while he is my own brother. Brahma was pleased to hear this from Sheshnag and as a blessing made Sheshnag the dormitory of Lord Vishnu so that his attention would not be distracted.

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