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According to the Ramayana, Lakshmana was the third son of King Dasharatha. His mother’s name was Sumitra. In fact, Lakshmana’s exile is bigger than Rama’s exile. Having been away from his wife for 14 years, he made the service of Ram his only goal in life. For Lakshman, Rama had parents, guru, brother everything and his main religion was to obey him.

Urmila’s unbroken pativrat dharma: According to Valmiki Ramayana, Urmila Janakandini was Sita’s younger sister and at the time of Sita’s marriage she was married to Dasharatha and Sumitra’s son Lakshman. When Lakshman started going into exile with Ram and Sita, his wife Urmila also insisted on going with him, but Lakshman refused saying that the state of Ayodhya needs more mothers.

It was a very difficult time for Urmila, as she was a newlywed and her married life had just begun. After Lakshman’s exile, Urmila’s father came to Ayodhya and requested Urmila to go to her uncle’s house so that the grief of Urmila’s husband’s bereavement could be alleviated in the presence of mother and friends. But Urmila refused to go to her uncle’s house in Mithila, saying that it was her religion to stay with her husband’s family as ordered by her husband and not to leave him in grief. This was Urmila’s unbroken animal husbandry religion.

While Lakshman was bidding farewell, Urmila could not shed tears even in the most delicate moments as her husband Lakshman had taken another vow from her that she would never shed tears, because if she was drowning in her grief, she would be able to take care. No. Of his family members ..

What did Urmila do for 14 years? ..In this regard, the story based on belief is read. Legend has it that Ravana’s son Meghnad had a blessing that only a person who has not slept for 14 years could defeat him. It is said that Lakshman was so busy protecting and serving his brother Shri Ram and sister-in-law Sita that they could not sleep for 14 years. According to legend, Urmila slept for 14 years instead.

Nidra Devi: This story is also based on legends, the description of which is not found in Ramcharit Manas. Because Lakshmanji was present at the time of coronation of Lord Rama.

At that moment Laxman started laughing out loud. When Lakshman was asked the reason for this laughter, he said that he had waited all his life for this moment that now I will see the coronation of Shri Ram, but now he has to fulfill his promise to Nidra Devi, which he had to go into exile. Was given earlier.

According to legend, on the first night of exile, when Lord Rama and Goddess Sita went to rest in the hut, Lakshmana was guarding the outside of the hut as a watchman. Then the goddess of sleep appeared to him. Lakshman then asked Nidra Devi for a blessing to free him from 14 years of sleep. Lakshman then requested Nidra Devi to give his wife Urmila a share of his sleep.

Nidra Devi agreed on one condition that as soon as they returned to Ayodhya, Urmila would fall asleep and she would have to go to sleep. Lakshman was laughing that now he will have to sleep and he will not be able to see Rama’s coronation.

It is said that Urmila saw this ritual in her place. Urmila Laxman gave birth to two sons named Angad and Chandraketu and a daughter named Somda. Angad founded Angadiya Puri and Chandraketu founded Chandrakanta Puri.

Now you may have thought that if Urmila slept under the influence of Nidra Devi for 14 years then how she fulfilled her promise to Lakshman to serve her mother-in-law and other relatives. So the answer is that Sita Mata gave one of her blessings to Urmila. According to that blessing, Urmila could do three things at once. Isn’t that surprising? However, the experts of Ramayana deny such an incident.

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