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The history of Hindi cinema is more than a century old. Thousands of films are made every year and these films are made in many languages ​​and it sets many records according to its level. In today’s post we will mention five films which set world records.

And also made its name in the Guinness Book of Records, this record is set by the Hindi film industry, so let’s find out about these films. The film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai became very popular in India. Most interestingly, Hrithik Roshan’s debut film won a total of 92 awards.

Along with this, Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel were given the award for Best Actor. At the same time, the name of the film was entered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2009.

The Southern film Bahubali The Beginning was directed by SS Rajamouli. With its release, the film broke many previous records and set a new record. When the film was released, the world’s largest poster was made during the film’s promotion and this is also a record.

PK .. In this film, Aamir Khan played the role of an alien, while Anushka Sharma played the role of a journalist. Sushant Kapoor also had a role in this film but it was a very small role.

The film grossed Rs 792 crore worldwide and proved to be a blockbuster film at the box office. The film also set a record at the time.

The film set a new theatrical record in 1964. Sunil Dutt was the actor in this film. The specialty of this film was that the film revolved around actor Sunil Dutt and Sunil Dutt was the director and producer in addition to the actor of this film. Only the voices of the actors were heard. The film and this record are still intact. The film is also known as the First Actor Movie.

Love and God .. The film also set an amazing record where it took at least 2 years to make the films, while it took 23 years to make the film.

Shooting for the film began in 1963 and took 23 years to complete. The film was completed in 1986. Due to which the name of this film has been recorded in the Guinness World Records. It is considered to be the longest film ever.

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