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There are many stars in Bollywood who have made a name for themselves by their acting. While some stars are still active in Bollywood, some are not very active in films but their popularity has increased a lot. Likewise, when it comes to some of the Star Kids, there is a lot of talk about their work as well as their personal lives.

As everyone knows, the most talked about Bollywood stars these days are Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan’s son Timur and daughter Sara Ali Khan, who are in the headlines in many ways. But let me tell you that all these stars are the daughter of Karisma Kapoor. Will also connect with children.

Let me tell you that Karisma Kapoor’s daughter is very famous for her beauty these days, though her name is Adara Kapoor. In general, actress Karishma Kapoor has been taking care of her two children since she separated from Sanjay Kapoor. While his daughter Adara has grown up a lot.

If you look at actress Karisma’s daughter, you will realize that she is two steps ahead of her mother in terms of beauty. Even today, many people call it a carbon copy of Karisma Kapoor when they see pictures of Samaira. Actress Karisma once made her name in Bollywood with superhit films.

But Karisma’s daughter has started making a name for herself with her beauty. Samaira Kapoor shares some of her pics on social media every day. While he is often seen with Karisma Kapoor. Samaira Kapoor is currently only 17 years old, but she rivals actresses in terms of beauty. Her fashion style is exactly like that of Karisma Kapoor.

Lockdown is underway due to Corona. The government has extended the lockdown till May 31 to curb the epidemic. In such a situation, like ordinary people, Bollywood celebs are also imprisoned in their homes. Celebs remain active on social media.

Recently, Karisma Kapoor shared photos on her Instagram. She said her daughter Adara did her makeup. However, while doing her mother’s make-up, Samira forgot to do a special job, which caused Karisma to cover her face with one hand. Charisma is currently spending time with the kids in the lockdown.

Karisma said that she gave Samayara a makeup tutorial but she forgot to apply eyeliner on one of her eyes. He wrote a caption on the photo – Lockdown Diaries, let’s add a little humor. Fans are making funny comments on his pictures.

As for Samaira, she is still studying. She is seen with mom at many events and parties. About career, Karisma said that my daughter is interested in everything related to films. I don’t know yet whether his interest is behind the scenes or in front of the camera.

At one point, Karisma was angry with her daughter for appearing in films. He said – Samaira and her group are doing an experiment. That whole group is learning. No plans of any kind at this time. Let me tell you, Adara is very young and she is in school. What she is doing right now is just an extra activity, nothing more.

Asked if he wants to make Samaira an actress, Karisma said – it all depends on him. I will never push it. But whatever he does, I’ll be with him. I will respect his every decision.

However, Samaira’s parents i.e. Karisma and Sanjay Kapoor have divorced but Adara is still very close to her father. He often goes to see Papa with his brother Kian. After the divorce, Karisma is taking care of both daughter Samaira and son Kian.

After the divorce, Sanjay gave the children a trust of Rs 10 crore, while Karisma was given a duplex. Let it be known that Sanjay is also bearing the education and other expenses of the children.

Karisma was married to businessman Sanjay Kapoor on September 29, 2003. This was Karisma’s first marriage and Sanjay’s second. The two separated in 2012. Karisma started living in Mumbai with her mother Babita.

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