Karan Kundra will be with Tejaswi, in this luxurious 20 crore house …… See a glimpse of the couple’s new home – Deshi Gujarati

Karan Kundra and Tejaswi Prakash are a popular couple in the TV industry who are in the news every day. The couple is often seen holding hands. Recently, Karan Kundra came on the set of ‘Nagin-6’ to meet his girlfriend Tejasvi Prakash where she was seen wearing vermilion in bright light demand.

Meanwhile, there was speculation that Tejaswi and Karan had secretly got married. However, all this turned out to be just a rumor. Meanwhile, news has come that Karan Kundra has taken over the house in which he is going to live with his girlfriend Tejaswi. Let’s see some special pictures of Karan Kundra’s house.

How much is Karan Kundra’s new home ?: Famous actor Karan Kundra, who has appeared in many popular TV serials, has also shown his skills in Bigg Boss-15. This was the place where he got the bright light and continues even after his love story came out.

After coming out of the show, Karan Kundra has been looking for a home for himself for a long time, but now his search is over and he has taken a 4 BHK flat in a luxurious building in Bandra. Here he was seen several times with his father SP Kundra outside a large building in Juhi. According to the report, the value of Karan Kundra’s new house is said to be more than Rs 200 million. However, Karan Kundra currently resides in Goregaon.

Karan Kundra’s new home is full of these luxury amenities: It is being said that the new house that Karan Kundra has taken is quite a luxury. It has every feature that makes their home luxurious. According to the report, this new house of Karan Kundra has many facilities like barbecue, swimming pool, gym.

After taking a new house, it is being speculated that Karan Kundra is going to live in this house with his girlfriend bright light. This new house of Karan Kundra will also have a sea view.

Karan Kundra’s home is also in Punjab: Let me tell you, Karan Kundra has a luxurious home not only in Mumbai but also in Punjab in which he lives with his parents. However, his parents lived in the US for a few years and now he lives in Punjab. According to reports, Karan Kundra is not only an actor but also a businessman. He has a call center in Jalandhar.

When will Karan Kundra and Tejaswi Prakash get married? The duo of Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra got into a lot of discussion after Bigg Boss-15 and both also revealed their love. News of their marriage has surfaced in the past, though the two have not yet commented on the matter. While Karan Kundra’s parents were talking to the media during the Bigg Boss finale.

Meanwhile, Karan Kundra’s parents were asked if they have approved of Karan and Tejaswi’s relationship. When are they getting married now? In response, Karan Kundra’s parents said, “If that happens, we will get married soon.” It remains to be seen when this couple will tie the knot.

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