Just do this 1 desi remedy daily, constipation will disappear forever.

There are some remedies that are not believed to have an effect on hearing about it, but in fact such remedies are tremendously effective and beneficial. Today we will tell you about one such special remedy.

There are many benefits to taking small steps to overcome many problems. One such remedy is to put 2-3 drops of ghee in the na’bhi every night while sleeping. Let us know its benefits.

For the lips: For those who have frequent chapped lips or have problems with chapped lips in any season, applying ghee daily on the navel removes this problem and the lips become very soft, pink and soft.

Hair loss will stop: Due to lack of nutrients in the body, there will be a lot of hair loss. So if you apply ghee daily without forgetting, you will get permanent relief from this problem.

Constipation: Putting ghee in Na’bhi removes stubborn constipation. Apart from this there are also benefits in stomach related problems.

Knee pain: Applying ghee daily on the na-bhi makes the body absorb. Doing this remedy on a daily basis also eliminates the problem of knee pain and soreness. Ghee has a pain relieving effect. Also works anti-inflammatory. It also gives relief in body aches and pains.

Here’s how to use it: Warm up every night before going to bed. Then apply 2-3 drops of ghee in and around the na and massage for 5 minutes.

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