Junior NTR is eyeing Aamir’s biggest film and his dream project.

Aamir will be stripped of his dream project

You may know that Bollywood filmmakers are now offering Bollywood movies to South actors in view of the growing craze among the people for South Actors. There are so many fans of the film.

The actor is looking for an opportunity to work in the film himself. The actor is none other than RRR’s junior NTR. According to a source, Jr. NTR went to Kapil Sharma’s show for the promotion of the film RRR. Speaking about the film on the show, Junior NTR said.

That he has gained 9 kg in 18 months for RRR film, after which Kapil jokingly said that if you want to gain weight, come to Punjab. Roll roll is offered.

So he must come to Punjab and eat all the dishes there. Let it be known that this whole thing started as a joke but Junior NTR says that if he is offered a good film in Bollywood, he will definitely work in it.

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