Jamnagar: Men and women were caught doing this in the silver market all day long, as if they were not aware of the camera, the video of them doing this in front of the camera went viral.

In Chandibazar Bugda, in the heart of Saurashtra’s Shaan Sama Jamnagar city, when the whole area was desolate on Sunday, a woman and a man were caught on camera in a publicly offensive position in Bugda, sparking a heated debate among traders.

The video of the offensive has gone viral, sparking outrage among traders and raising security concerns in the silver market.

The shops of the famous gold and silver merchants of the monarchical period in the center of Jamnagar city are closed on Sunday afternoons. Taking advantage of the closure, a man and a woman came here on Sunday evening. As if he didn’t know about the camera, he started doing catastrophic things in front of the camera. All these incidents were recorded on CCTV cameras. After that, there is a lot of anger and curiosity among the silver market traders which is slowly going viral.

The incident, on the other hand, has raised security concerns. Surprisingly, since this is a residential area, many houses are also located. The couple is also feeling ashamed of being caught in this way.

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