Jalpa of Alpa Patel in Rajkot! People woke up with such magic of scattered music, see photos .. – Voice of Gujarat

Friends, we all know that Gujarati music is loved by people all over the world. People like Gujarati film songs, stories, Gujarati folk songs etc. very much. And people like such programs too. And in such programs a large crowd is seen.

We all know that at present many Gujarati musicians have rocked Lomo with the magic of their voices. We know many artists like Kirtidan Gadhvi, Geeta Rabari, Rajbha Gadhvi, Kinjal Dave, Alpa Patel who have made their mark in the hearts of millions with the magic of their voices.

We are here to talk about a voice artist. We all know that at present many Gujarati artists have gone to enjoy kings with their spouses. Awaaz is an artist Alpa Patel who went to Andaman Nicobar with her husband Uday Gajera for a honeymoon.

We all know that he has just got married. He performed his first diorama on the day of Shivratri after the wedding, after which he rejoined the diorama program once again after his recent tour and recently his grand diorama was held in Rajkot.

It may be mentioned that Alpa Patel had recently performed in Palma in Rajkot which was attended by a large number of people. At this time Alpa Patel rocked the entire Rajkot people with the magic of his voice. At this time people showered a lot of money on Alpa Patel.

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