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Janvi Kapoor has turned 25 years old. He was born on March 6, 1997 in Mumbai. Although Janvi has acted in only a few films, it is because of these films that he has made a name for himself. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Dhadak.

His first film was a hit. Speaking of today, he has some films in his hands, which will be released in the near future. Janvi was very close to her mother Sridevi. However Sridevi is no more in this world. There is a lot of talk about Sridevi, but you are going to tell a story about her and her daughter Janvi. The case was shared by Sridevi herself in an interview.

Sridevi said in an interview – she saw the film Shok when Jhanvi was 6 years old. Janvi did not speak to him for three days after seeing the film. Not only that, Janvi also called her a bad mother.

He said – after seeing the shock he said you did not do well with him (Kamal Haasan). However, Sridevi later explained to Janvi that she had played the role of a woman with a childish mind in the film.

Janvi had been following her mother Sridevi since childhood. She did what Sridevi told her to do. Not only that, Sridevi also decided from which film Janvi will make her debut in Bollywood.

After Sridevi’s death, Janvi gave an interview to a fashion magazine. This interview was conducted by Karan Johar. Meanwhile, Karan revealed that Sridevi had seen 25 minutes of footage of the beating. After seeing this, he also gave some tips to his daughter.

Janvi said in an interview that she had told him something special when her mother was going to drop her off at an acting school in London. He then told the woman that she was leaving the lotus flower in the mud. Interestingly though, she was certain to work in films with her other daughter Khushi.

Janvi still misses her mother very much. There is also a photo of Sridevi in ​​the wallpaper of her phone. At the same time, on Sridevi’s death anniversary last month, he also shared a beautiful note for himself written by his mother.

“I also remember my home in Chennai,” Janvi said in an interview. Mom often played AR Rahman’s old songs at home. She used to decorate the whole house with flowers. While Dad was studying, Mom would go and see if he had eaten his meal on time. She was also worried about her father’s weight.

Talking about Jhanvi Kapoor’s work front, his upcoming films are Good Luck Jerry, Takht, Ranbhoomi, Mr and Mrs Mahi and Mili. Some of these films will be released this year.

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