It is not bad to die, but if you die in these 7 ways, I will not find a place in heaven or even hell .. This death is dangerous … – We are Gujarati

If there is life, there is also death, this is the ultimate truth. But if there is death, it should be a little easier, less troubles and everyone wants it not to be painful! But there are other ways of death which will make you laugh!

1) Electric chair ..It seems that this is also a way to punish the prisoners in the jail! But you can imagine how painful this death is, knowing that with an electric shock, our skin begins to melt, our eyes come out and our internal organs begin to cook like vegetables! Say something else?

2) Army Ant. Who is afraid of ants, but these ants found in some parts of Africa run together in numbers of over 1 million and eat every animal that comes in their way! Heard that even sick people in the tribal areas of Africa have their food made!

3) Sewer .. They are common everywhere, but falling into the gutter and being killed is probably more disgusting and frustrating than painful! So beware, if you fall into this no sound will be heard, trying to save is a far cry!

4) Mustard gas .. It falls into the category of biological weapons and has been used many times since the First World War. It is enough that this air touches the body to burn that part! This inhaled air will burn and consume the internal organs!

5) Terror of insects. This inhuman and ruthless method of killing the enemy is rarely used anywhere in historical Persia! A man would be tied up in an empty wooden log and then fed everything that would make him diarrhea! The honey was then rubbed on his eyes, hands and other parts of his body and then left in the gutter water! You want to guess what would happen if the insects made that body their home?

6) Death by elephant .. This does not happen today, but once upon a time the kings of India used to run under the feet of elephants to punish the prisoners! Imagine an elephant trampling a man’s head under his feet!

7) Old age. Old age is bound to come to everyone, but what if he comes alone to a hospital room where no medicine works to ease your pain, what if you don’t have one of your own with you? Old age is a disease and it is very difficult to live with it!

To strike with a hammer. In this, the person is tied straight to a large wheel with the mouth down and then hit with a large hammer on its limbs. This method is continued until all the limbs of the person are broken and he dies.

For the ship .. This punishment was called killholing and was especially given to sailors. This was the rule of punishment in the Dutch Navy until the end of the 16th century. In this sentence, convicted sailors or sailors were tied with ropes from one ship to another. After this they were dragged into the sea.

Sailors often died. The bodies of the sailors who had been sentenced were cut by a nail at the bottom of the ship under the sea. If he had survived, he would have survived.

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