Interesting case! Husband and wife quarreling over Karela’s interest reached the police, and then …

An interesting case came to light on Sunday at the Family Counseling Center in Agra. The wife complained that the husband did not drink Karela’s juice. She says then fights. Both were counseled at a counseling center. The husband agreed to drink Karela’s juice and the two agreed. After which the husband and wife went home together.

The couple, who had been arguing over Karela’s interests, had been coming for counseling for two months. The woman said her husband was suffering from diabetes, but he did not drink the curry and jaggery juice he made. He fights every day for his health. The woman also accused the husband of further persuading family members.

The husband admitted the mistake during counseling. He said he would now drink Karela’s juice without a fight. After which the two went home together. Counseling was given in 30 cases on Sunday at the Family Counseling Center. Five cases were settled, while three cases have been registered. The couple also had an argument over a selfie on Sunday.

Disagreements that start with small things are causing a rift in the marriage. The relationship deteriorates so much that the matter reaches the Family Counseling Center. One such case was settled on Sunday. The wife said the husband does not take selfies with her. Both had been undergoing counseling for over a month.

In counseling on Sunday, the wife reiterated that her husband could not understand her love. Even if I ask DP to take a selfie, I don’t agree. On this the husband said that now he would take selfies with her every day. Both laughed and went home together.

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