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Fasting is very important in Indian tradition. There are many such vows throughout the year that women keep for their husbands. One of these special fasts is Karva Choth. Both married and unmarried girls keep this vow.

While married women fast for the longevity and health of their husbands, unmarried girls fast for the desired groom.

Her husband’s life is long and her honeymoon is immortal. It is celebrated with fanfare all over the country, but there are places in India where the festival of Karva Choth is not celebrated and there is a surprising reason behind it.

Karvachauth is not celebrated in Surir. Surya, about 60 km from Mathura, has not celebrated Karva Choth for the last 80 years. Married women here are neither fasting nor virgins.

Not only that, women do not even go to any temple to worship on this day. There is some excitement and silence among the women of this village of the day which women are eagerly waiting for. The villagers tell the story behind it.

It is believed that about 300 years ago there was a Brahmin couple who were coming to Surir from Ram Nagla. He also had a buffalo with him which he got as a farewell. When the two reached Surir, the people here called the buffalo their own. The Brahmin couple said this is their buffalo and refused to give.

The villagers killed the Brahmin in anger. The Brahmin’s wife cursed that every bride in the village would become a widow just as I had become a widow. After their curse, the women here stopped fasting on Karva Choth.

Sati cursed .. One woman said that no woman has fasted here for almost 80 years. A long time ago a woman fasted and her husband died prematurely.

Since then till today no woman fasts here to protect her husband. It is considered the curse of Sati. A statue of Sati woman is also installed in the village. Such a story is not unique to Mathura. Women of Chauhan Gotra of three villages of Karnal have not been celebrating Choth for a long time.

These women believe that fasting will kill their husbands. About 600 years ago, a woman had an affair with her husband, cursing those present at the time that their honeymoon would also be ruined.

It is believed that her husband was killed on the fourth day and on the same day she gave such a curse, since then the women there do not fast and the daughters of their house go to the father-in-law.

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