In the time of Mahabharata, these countries were full of Indian culture .. Look at the reign of Pandava Kauravas ..

Dominance of Indian Culture – India is a country which has a distinct identity in the world due to its religious and cultural beliefs since ancient times. It is the only country in the world to have a unique confluence of unity in diversity.

In the modern India we live in today, in fact, our India was very different from the past. Today we are going to introduce you to the ancient Indian culture of the Mahabharata period, which was dominant not only in India but in many countries of the world and all these countries were an important part of a united India.

Indian culture is dominant.1- Pakistan ..Our neighbor Pakistan was part of India before 15th August 1947. But when the Indo-Pakistani partition took place, many Hindu temples in Pakistan were demolished. However, Indian culture was predominant in Pakistan during the Mahabharata period.

2- Bangladesh ..Before 15 August 1947, Bangladesh was also an integral part of India. But after the partition of the country, Bangladesh separated from India in the form of East Pakistan. Then in 1971 Bangladesh also seceded from Pakistan. Let me tell you that Indian culture spread to Bangladesh during the Mahabharata period.

3- Nepal ..Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world, which was unified by the Gorkha king in 1769. In ancient times it was a part of India and the people here were very much influenced by Indian culture.4- Bhutan ..In ancient times Bhutan was known as an elite country. But on August 8, 1949, the Indo-Bhutan Treaty was signed, by which Bhutan seceded from India and became an independent country. But here in the Mahabharata period only and only Indian culture dominated.

5- Tibet ..In ancient times, Tibet was known as Trivistap. Let me tell you that the propagation of Buddhism started here in the 4th century. China occupied Tibet in 1957, but was influenced by Indian culture in ancient times.

6- Sri LankaIn ancient times the name of Sri Lanka was Tamraparni. But this integral part of India was annexed by the Portuguese in 1505, the Dutch in 1606 and the British in 1795. Finally, in the year 1935, the British separated Lanka from India. However, even today, a glimpse of Indian culture can be seen here.

7- Myanmar ..According to legend, the first king of Myanmar i.e. Burma was the prince of Varanasi. But it was occupied by the British in 1852 and then in 1937 it seceded from India. During the Mahabharata period, Indian culture dominated Myanmar.

8- Iran ..It is said that in 2000 BC. Aryan culture was born in Iran. The Aryans reached Iran via Balochistan and spread their civilization and culture there. The country is named after the Aryans. But E.S. In 644 the Arabs invaded Iran and took control of it.9- Cambodia ..It is said that a Hindu named Kaundinya founded the Hindu Empire here in the first century and Cambodia was also dominated by Indian culture during the Mahabharata period.

10- Vietnam ..In ancient times the name of Vietnam was Champa. It is said that Champa, established in the second century, was a major center of Indian culture. But in the year 1825, the great Hindu Empire came to an end in Champa and today it is famous as Vietnam.11- Malaysia ..In ancient times some Indians came to Malaysia and introduced Indian civilization and culture to its inhabitants. But with the changing times, Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Buddhism spread rapidly in Malaysia.

12- Indonesia .. At one time Indonesia was a prosperous state of India. Today, except for the Indonesian island of Bali, there are more Muslims on other islands. Nevertheless, the people here are still associated with the ancient culture and traditions of Hindu deities.

13- Philippines .. In ancient times, the Philippines was heavily influenced by Indian culture, but was invaded and occupied by Muslims in the 15th century. As in ancient times, some Hindu customs are still prevalent in the Philippines today.14- Afghanistan .. Until 350 BC, Afghanistan was an integral part of India and was dominated by Indian culture. But with the advent of Islam in the seventh century, Afghanistan gradually became politically and then culturally separated from India.

Dominance of Indian Culture – Let us tell you that in ancient times our country was very rich culturally, due to which people came from far and wide to get to know our culture. But today we are failing to preserve this invaluable heritage of Indian culture, which has led to the decay of our culture and religion.

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