In the park, a man was seen flipping through the air and a monkey was seen mimicking and kicking one after another.

A monkey is going viral on social media these days. The monkey is seen imitating a man’s gulati in the park. The monkey is seen in the park imitating a man, flipping and beating Gulati.

Many types of videos go viral on social media. Most of these videos are funny videos of animals. Seeing which can make anyone laugh. Recently, a video has surfaced in which everyone’s eyes have been opened to see the monkey’s feat.

It is generally said that monkeys are the closest ancestors of the human race. It is also said that monkeys have the ability to easily understand anything. Looking at the recent video that surfaced on social media, it is being speculated that it is.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a man flipping through a park. Who is watching a monkey sitting a little away from him. When the boy turns his back, the monkey also comes into the field and flips two consecutive flips, one after the other. Everyone is stunned.

The video is currently going viral on social media, prompting everyone to call the monkey a copycat monkey. As of press time, the video has received about 20 million views on social media. At the same time, more than 2 million users have liked the video. Apart from this a large number of users are constantly seen commenting their funny reactions on this video.

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