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According to the Hindu calendar, Shravan and Bhadrapad are the months of the monsoon season. Rain brings new life this month. Chaturmas occurs from this month only. Especially this whole month is considered to be the month of Lord Shiva, but this month is also related to Shri Krishna. Here are 4 interesting things to know.

1. Shri Krishna Puja is performed for one month From Shravan Krishna Paksha Ashtami to Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha Ashtami i.e. Shri Krishna Janmashtami for one month Shri Krishna is worshiped. It is said that one who worships Krishna during this period attains Moksha. It is said that Lord Krishna is pleased during this month and gives blessings to whomever he wishes.

2. Savan festival in Krishna temples: Just as Lord Shiva is worshiped in the month of Shravan by decorating Shiva’s pagodas, Lord Krishna is worshiped and adored in Krishna temples all over the world. This whole month is believed to be associated with Krishna’s humor.

3. Worship of Dwarkadhish: It is believed that salvation is attained by worshiping Dwarkadhish in this Shravan Mass. The worshiper is blessed with health and all his desires are fulfilled.

4. Sawan Utsav in Braj Mandal:Savan Utsav is organized in Mathura, Gokul, Barsana and Vrindavan, the cities of Lord Krishna. This Savan festival of Braj Mahal is celebrated differently till Krishna Janmashtami. Like these festivals, Zula, Ghatne, Raslila and Gauranglila are also organized in Hindola.

Carousels: Here two silver and one gold carousels are placed in the temple from Krishna Paksha of Shravan Mass. Lord Krishna is swinging in this cradle. The child form of Lord Krishna is worshiped in most places during this month. There is a tradition of decorating the carousel and swinging the balamukund.

Green Tea: Green Teej is celebrated in Braj Mandal, especially in Vrindavan. In the ancient Radhavallabh temple here, from green tea to Rakshabandhan, silver, banana, flower and leaf carousels are offered and on the holy Ekadashi, Thakurji holds the sacred. From Hariyali Teej to Panchami, Thakurji swings in a golden carousel and then till Purnima silver carousel, thickness, flower petals etc.

Balram also swings with Krishna: Among the other temples of the Braj Mandal, where Krishna swings in a carousel, there is a temple in Braj, where Balram also swings in a carousel with Krishna during the entire Shravan Mass. In the carousel in Dauji Temple, Baldev and Giriraj Mukharbind Temple, Jatipura, the image of Thakurji is swinging.

Raslila: This month is also called the month of love and new life. This dance is built on peacock legs. The whole creation seems to be dancing. In this month after spring, Sri Krishna forms rasa.

Rasalila celebrated in Shravan Mass in Brajmandal is no less attractive. The main attraction of Vrindavan is the presentation of Rasalila by world famous Rasacharyas. In which Krishna is a living representation of greens.

Ghat Festival: In addition to the Sawan festival, Ghat festival is also organized in Brajmandal in the month of Sawan, in which Kanha’s entertainment is presented in attractive ghats of different colors. Millions of people visit these temples to see the Kalighat of the temples.

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