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The representation of the demons was assigned to these two people – ‘Heti’ and ‘Praheti’. These were both brothers. The representatives of those two demons were as strong and powerful as Madhu and Kaitabh. While Praheti was a religious person, Haiti was more interested in monarchy and politics.

In the Ramayana period, where there were strange kinds of human beings and animals and birds, the terror of demons increased a lot. The demons had insidious powers. They used their power to terrorize the gods and humans. During the Ramayana period, there was terror of demons all over South India and Dandakaranya region (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh). The area got its name Dandakaranya because of the monster named Danda. Come, let us know the 10 demons of Rama’s time, whose drums were beating.

3 sons of Sukesh: Sukesh married Gandharva bride Devvati. Sukesh had 3 sons from Devvati – 1. Malyawan, 2. Sumali and 3. Mali. Due to these three, the demon caste got expansion and fame. These three brothers did great penance of Brahmaji to get power and auspiciousness. Brahmaji blessed him to conquer his enemies and to maintain unity and love among the three brothers. The three brothers became arrogant due to the effect of blessings. Together, the three brothers built Lanka on the coast near Trikuta mountain from Vishwakarma and made it the center of their rule. In this way he united the demons and established the dominance of the demons and also made it the center of the demon race.

Kaikasi , The daughter of the gardener, was the mother of Ravana. Ravana was more inclined towards his grandfather, so he abandoned the gods and thought more about the progress of demons. Ravana was a skilled politician, general and master of architecture, as well as a theologian and polymath. Due to his attachment to demons, he was declared the lord of demons. Ravana restored Lanka, united the demon race and re-established the demon kingdom. He snatched Lanka from Kuber.

Chronology: The Kalnemi demon was a faithful follower of Ravana. It was horrible, insidious and cruel. His fame was far and wide. Ravana assigned him a very difficult task. When Lakshmana fainted due to power in the Rama-Ravan war, Hanumanji was asked to bring Sanjeev immediately. When Hanumanji walked towards Dronachal, Ravana sent Kalnemi to create obstacles in his way.

Subahu: Tadak’s father’s name was Suketu Yaksha and her husband’s name was Sund. Sund was a demon so despite being a yaksha he is called a sun demon. His beautiful face became ugly due to the curse of Agastya Muni, so he decided to take revenge on the sages. She persecuted the sages with her sons every day.

Pepper Surviving Rama’s arrow, Tadka’s son Maricha took refuge in Ravana. Maricha was the mama of King Ravana of Lanka. When Shurpanakha told Ravana the story of his humiliation, Ravana planned Sitaharan. During Sitaharan, Ravana resorted to Maricha’s illusory intellect.

Kumbhakarna This was Ravana’s brother, who would wake up one day after 6 months and go back to sleep after eating, because he had asked Brahma for the blessing of sleep. Somehow Kumbhakarna woke up during the war. In the battle, Kumbhakarna started attacking the monkeys with his huge body, which caused a stir in Rama’s army.

Kabandh ..Rama-Lakshman, in search of Sita, suddenly saw a strange monster in the Dandak forest, which had no head and no throat. He could see only one eye. It was huge and terrible. The name of that strange demon was Kabandha. Kabandha caught Rama and Lakshmana together. Rama and Lakshman cut off both the hands of Kabandha. Kabandha fell to the ground and asked – who are you brave? Knowing the introduction, Kabandha spoke – it is my destiny that you have freed me from bondage. Kabandha said- I, son of Danu, Kabandha was very powerful and beautiful. I used to scare the sages by making horrible figures like monsters, that’s why I got this condition.

Viradh Virdha was the demon of Dandakavan. Ram entered Dandak forest with Sita and Lakshman. There he saw many ashrams of sages and sages. Ram started living in his ashram. The sages informed him of the demise of the demon. Ram made them bold.Ahiravan: Ahiravan was an asura. Ahiravan was a friend of Ravana at Hades, who abducted Rama-Lakshmana during the battle by descending from the sky to Rama’s camp at Ravana’s request.

Salinity and pollution They were both ‘Vimatraj’ (seven brothers) of Ravana. Sage Vishwa had 2 more wives. Khar was born from Pushpokatka and Dushan was born from Waka while Ravana was born from Kaikasi. Khar-dushan was killed by Lord Rama. The murder of Khar and Dushan is seen in the Aranyaka scandal of Ramayana.Meghnad: Meghdad is also called Indrajith, as he invaded and occupied heaven. Meghnad was very powerful and elusive. He took Hanumanji hostage and presented him to Ravana.

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