In Navratri, if the fast is broken by mistake, do this remedy. |

Know what should be done to atone if Navratri fast is broken by mistake?

Navratri is starting from April 2. During the nine days of Navratri the nine forms of the mother are worshiped, and the devotees fast for 9 days. But it often happens that the vrat (fasting) is broken due to some reason or mistake.

In the event of a break in the fast, the devotees are disturbed by the fact that their worship is incomplete. But if that ever happened you wouldn’t be worried. Because its remedies are also mentioned in Hinduism, if you follow it, the grace of gods and goddesses will be on you. Today we are going to tell you what to do when the fast is broken.

If for some reason your fast is broken, first of all ask forgiveness from the Goddess or Goddess of whom you have fasted.

Havan should be performed in case of breaking the fast, and you should apologize to the goddess or deity for whom you had fasted.

Bathe the idols of gods and goddesses with milk, curd, honey and sugar. Then worship the idol with sixteen types of worship materials.

Need charity and seek the advice of a Pandit first.

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