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Most people have some habits that the elders of the house try to stop and try to improve. One of these habits is the habit of sitting on one’s feet. Yes, many people have a habit of sitting on their feet. This habit is commonly found in everyone.

The habit has become such that people immediately put their feet up wherever they sit. But this habit is very dangerous and harmful. Which very few people know about. Let us know today about the harm caused by this habit-

In fact, this habit is well described in our Hindu scriptures. According to Hindu scriptures, if you sit at a place of worship and you sit there with your feet on the ground, you will be deprived of God’s grace. Due to which your sitting in that worship is considered useless.

According to Hindu scriptures, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, resides on earth at dusk. In such a situation if a person sits on his feet in the evening, Lakshmiji goes away and never comes to his house again. In such a situation, the person gets angry with Lakshmi’s mother due to one of his mistakes, due to which he has to face financial problems.

According to mythology, once Goddess Lakshmi gets angry, the person may face many problems related to money. This is the special reason why one should not sit on one’s feet in the evening. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this matter.

Apart from this, according to the knowledge of our Hindu scriptures, it is also believed that a person sitting on his own feet can never become rich and he always has a problem of money. In such a situation everyone should correct this habit from today so that they can get rid of the financial problem.

People who say and show that I am very good often have a negative attitude towards themselves. At times it seems appropriate because people call you good but this bad habit starts to affect your mind after a while.

Because of this negativity overwhelms your mind to such an extent that you start having mental problems like depression, anxiety. But yes, we are not saying that you should be bad. But in order to be extravagant and always good, sometimes you have to suppress your emotions.

Then after a while these feelings take over the mind and make you mentally ill. For this you can adopt the rule that always try to do justice. When it comes to business matters, try to be very clear.

Apart from this there are many people who do not go out of the house just for the comfort zone. Such things may seem appropriate at the time, but later this habit also causes a lot of trouble. Indeed, to do something wonderful, you have to come out of your comfort zone.

If you always have a comfortable life, you will not find yourself in a position to test yourself. To understand this, consider a friend who was very fat but has now lost weight. Now if he had not come out of his comfort zone he would not have worked hard and would never have lost weight.

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