If you want to get rid of the pains in life, take a bath in the morning, without saying anything, chant this mantra, all the pains will be gone !!!

Lord Bholenath is very naive. They will give you whatever you sincerely want. He is considered the best of all gods. Lord Shiva removes the closed sorrows of the devotees, and destroys them when they become angry. Here today we will learn about the mantra of Shivaji which should be chanted daily after bathing. With this Bholenath removes all our troubles.

If you chant according to the mantra that we will learn about today, all the desires will be fulfilled, no disease will come in your family. The mantra we are talking about is the mantra mentioned below and its remedy is also stated:

Mantra – “Om tryambakam yajamahe, sugandhin pushtivardhanam urvarukamiv bandhanan mrtyormokshiya mamritat.”

Get up every morning, take a bath, offer fruits, flowers, etc. to Lord Shiva, without saying anything, go to Shiva temple, sit in front of Shivaji and chant this miraculous mantra.
After bathing, by chanting this mantra facing west, you will get the following fruits.

  • The chanting of this mantra removes the guilt of Kundalini, such as Manglik guilt, Nadi guilt, Kalsarpa guilt, bad eye guilt, yoga, nightmare, problems of married life etc.
  • This mantra provides life. Fear of premature death disappears, age increases. Get rid of incurable diseases.
  • Wealth is found and life is lived in luxury. Respect in society increases. Childless couples have children. Even if money is spent more, chant Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra.

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