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Whatever the devotee offers to God with devotion and full faith, God accepts. In Hinduism, which is considered to be a form of Raudra, on the other hand, devotees also remember him by the name of Bhole. You too will be amazed to hear about the character of such a deity. The truth is that people also offer flowers to Lord Shiva in the form of love, while there is also a practice of offering thorny fruit dhatura.

God understands the feelings of the devotees and blesses them, but have you ever considered giving a broom to God? Maybe not but today we will tell you about a Shiva temple where a broom is raised to please Bholenath.

There is an ancient temple of Bholenath in the village of Sadatbadi on the highway between Moradabad and Agra, famous by the name of Pataleshwar, on which the devotees sweep the Shivling to complete their mental work. People believe that,Offering a broom to Lord Shiva in this temple removes all skin related diseases. People here say that this temple is very ancient and the tradition of cleaning Shivling has been going on here for centuries.

There is also a folktale behind the brooming of Shivaji in this temple, according to which Kshudra and Vedas were shown in this village but no medicine or medicine could cure it. One day when Bhikharidas was going somewhere he got thirsty, he saw an ashram nearby and he went to the ashram in search of water,

There was a saint in the ashram who begged for water to drink from the beggar slave while he was sweeping. .

The merchant was very happy to see this miracle and asked the saint for money, on which the saint said that all this is the glory of Shiva, if you want to give me something, build a Shiva temple in this ashram, for which later, Bhikharidas built a magnificent Shiva temple .

Word of this miracle with Bhikharidas spread throughout the village and since then people have been sweeping the temple. Here people offer broom to Lord Shiva with milk, water and fruits as well as coins.

It is believed that by mounting a broom on the Shivling in this temple, all desires are fulfilled and at the same time all kinds of skin related ailments are cured. The priest of this temple says that this temple is about 150 years old and the practice of sweeping here is just as old. People from far and wide come here to offer brooms to Shiva.

This temple is about 150 years old. People living here say that this temple is about 150 years old. Here offering a broom to Lord Shiva removes skin related diseases. There is no idol of Lord Shankara in this temple except Shivling. In this temple people offer milk, water, fruits and flowers, bel leaves, flax, datura as well as broom with sikara.

Myths related to Pataleshwar Shiva Temple .. It is believed that centuries ago a wealthy merchant suffered from a skin disease. Once when he was going to the doctor for treatment, he got thirsty on the way. He went to a nearby ashram for water.

On the way, Bhikharidas collided with a broom kept in the ashram. It is said that his skin disease was cured by the touch of a broom. He expressed his desire to give diamonds and jewels to the saint living in the ashram, but the saint said that it would be better if a temple was built in this place. The merchant, on the advice of a saint, built a Shiva temple near the ashram, which became known as the ‘Pataleshwar Temple’.

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