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Hello friends, our ancestors have said that there is a rule inside the Grihastha Ashram that when it comes to food in our house, it is our custom to feed the dogs and cows first, so that we can earn merit. Ram cheese and other Chinese cheese.

It often happens that when many people leave stale sweets at home, such a mistake should never be made, because if the cause is seen, the brain and sugar inside the dog’s intestines rot and give rise to germs. And sin may come upon you.

So never feed lamb and sugar products to dogs. If you want to eat, you can eat roti, roti, kheechadi, all these. Today’s allopathic science calls almonds and sugar white poison.

Avocado ..Avocados are good for humans, they are harmful to animals. In that case, if you have a pet in your home, you should never feed it, in fact it contains an element called poison which can give rise to dog intestinal problems.

Nut .. Almonds are not only good for dogs, they also contain a toxin that can damage the nerves of your furry friend and favorite dog, which can lead to more serious health problems, so treat them this way. Stay away from food, otherwise it will make you heavy.

Chocolate .. Often when you eat chocolate, the owner in such a situation feeds his dog one or two bites in a love affair, but it is not good for his health. Indeed chocolate can be extremely toxic to dogs and should be avoided

Grapes and raisins .. Both of these are sweet to eat and people eat them often, but you should keep them away from your dog. Grapes and raisins have the potential to cause serious damage to the dog’s kidneys,Which can be fatal if their health condition worsens. In that case, whenever you are thinking of feeding your pet dog something like this, do not do it at all.

Garlic and onion. Both contain thiosulfate, which is not good for dogs and can cause a lot of damage to their blood cells and cause anemia. In that case keep them away from these things. Also avoid foods made from these items.

Nowadays you will find dogs of different breeds as the first choice as a pet in every home. Dogs are very difficult to care for and care for. Some people give dogs what they eat to eat.

But if you are a dog lover you need to keep in mind that you cannot feed your pet dog everything you eat. Let us tell you about 5 things you should not give your pet dog to eat. They should be kept away from them.

The digestive system is different from humans. According to experts, the digestive system and enzymes of a dog’s body are different from those of humans. In such a situation, one has to pay special attention to their food and drink. These are things that can be dangerous for your pet dog.

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