If there is any emergency like this one day, don’t do money transaction .. otherwise even the king doesn’t seem to get rank .. – earthenware

Let me tell you that in astrology auspicious days and auspicious times are fixed for each task, on the basis of which a person completes his work. Yes, if the work is done according to auspicious day and auspicious time then that work definitely gives good result.

However, there is an auspicious day in astrology for trading money, according to which you should invest. However, it is not advisable to take any kind of risk in terms of money, so it is important that any work related to money should be done with auspicious time.

Don’t trade money on this day.It is to be noted here that in astrology auspicious days, constellations, dates and the day of the solstice are considered auspicious for transacting wealth. So let us tell you in detail about this now.

It is worth mentioning that according to astrology, the trade of wealth in these twelve constellations is considered very auspicious. While five, eight and nine places in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are auspicious, it is considered auspicious to do money related transactions, investments, deposits etc.

This day is considered auspicious for money related investments.However, if you are borrowing money, do not forget to choose Tuesday for this, because the loan given on this day does not return quickly, but Tuesday is considered auspicious for loan repayment. Yes, it is believed that on this day a person gets relief from debt by repaying loan or bank loan etc.

Monday: – According to the scriptures, Monday is considered a good day to borrow and give money. On this day you can borrow money. About those days of the week in which borrowing money is considered inauspicious. So let’s learn about it in detail so don’t forget it on these days of the week

Tuesday: – According to the scriptures, borrowing money should not be done on Tuesday, but if you have an old debt, settling it brings auspicious results. According to the scriptures, borrowing and lending on Wednesday is not auspicious. Because of this man gets inauspicious fruit.

Thursday: – One should not lend money on Thursday, but borrowing on this day can be beneficial. According to scriptures, borrowing and lending money on this day is considered auspicious. So on this day you can borrow.

Saturday: Let me tell you that this day is not auspicious for borrowing and giving money borrowed on Saturday. Loans taken or given on this day are repaid in the long run. The day is considered auspicious for borrowing and lending money. Because of this a person gets auspicious fruit.

Be aware of these things as stated in astrology.Let me tell you that people with knowledge of astrology say that money should not be given to anyone on Wednesday, because giving money on this day is considered inauspicious and it is considered so.

That the money given on Wednesday is not returned quickly. With this, Wednesday is considered to be a very auspicious day for any kind of investment. And investing on this day brings four times more profit. However, now you must know which day is considered right and auspicious to do money related work. Friends, let us know what you think of this information.

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