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Actress Amisha Patel, who made her Bollywood debut with Hrithik Roshan in the hit film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’, won the hearts of the audience in a very short time. After this film, Amisha acted in many big films but she got addicted to alcohol.

After starring in superhit films like Kahna Pyaar Hai and Ghadar, Amisha Patel did not gain much popularity in Bollywood. He is currently away from films but keeps sharing his photos with fans by posting them on social media. Amisha Patel, who can’t do anything special in films, has a tremendous business sense. It also currently has a production house. His net worth is over Rs 200 crore. Amisha Patel is also one of the most read stars in Bollywood.

Amisha began her career as an economic analyst. After completing her schooling, Amisha studied bio-genetic engineering at Boston University. After studying for two years, he turned to economics.

He then studied economics at Tufts University and also won a gold medal. Kareena and Amisha Patel started their film careers together but today both are at different stages of success. Where Amisha’s ‘Kahena Pyaar Hai’ was a super hit.

While Kareena’s film Refugee with Abhishek Bachchan was a super flop. But today, Kareena is on the verge of success and Amisha Patel’s film career is almost over. Jenny had a profound effect on her film career. Amisha has done many films but she has become very infamous due to her bad alcohol addiction. Bold photos are frequently trolled on social media these days. Amisha, 42, still wants to work in films.

Actress Amisha Patel, who has been away for a long time, is in the news these days due to controversy. Last year she was in the spotlight because of her bold image. He recently shared a bold picture on Instagram. Which caused him to become a troll.

He has closed the comment box of his Instagram account for fear of trolls. But still people trolled him by making his picture viral. However, Amisha Patel has never been seen responding to these trolls.

He just ignores them. This is a different estimate of their answer. Amisha recently shared a very glamorous photo of herself after a black bikini. In this picture she was looking very beautiful and bold in a pink dress.

Amisha was spotted by a troll because of this picture. If someone doesn’t like his style, many people also tell his age. As for Amisha’s film career, she is no longer seen in films but in many events. Amisha Patel is involved with modeling shows and fashion brands. Amisha tried to make a comeback in Bollywood but it was a flop. However, the beginning of his career was full of ups and downs.

Amisha made her Bollywood debut in 2000 with producer Hrithik Roshan in Rakesh Roshan’s film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Last year, she shared a screen space with Bhaiya Ji’s superhit film Sunny Deol. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Amisha Patel, 42, is very active on social media these days. There will be hardly a day when Amisha has not shared her photos on Twitter and Instagram. Amisha Patel is as beautiful today as she was when she was active in film. Amisha has become bolder than before. Even before this, Amisha Patel has been trolled for black bikini. People started trolling as soon as they saw the picture.

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