Holi is celebrated in a unique way in this village of Gujarat for last 100 years, men and women walk on burning embers – Gujarat Info Portal

The festival of Holi is celebrated for the victory of truth over falsehood. People celebrate this festival with great fanfare. Holi is a festival celebrated with religious faith and belief. Then on this festival of Holi, there is a unique tradition among the people of Lachhdi village of Visnagar in North Gujarat. People who give torches of faith and trust here still walk on the burning embers after Holi pujan.

This tradition has been going on for the last hundred years in this village of Visnagar. Then even today people follow this unique tradition. According to the religious scriptures, the devotee Prahlada was tried to be burnt in the fire by his own Foi Holika by showing him demonic power. When the demonic power prevailed against the divine power, the devotee Prahlad escaped and the demon-possessed Holika was engulfed in fire.

There is a unique tradition of this festival in Lachhdi village of Visnagar which has been going on for the last hundred years. The ancestors of this village used to light the Holi of the village thieves and then walk barefoot in the burning embers. Then even today people are following this tradition. Everyone from young to old, male and female, follows this tradition. They walk in the burning embers after the Holika Dahan.

It is said that the people of this village are following this tradition for their good health and well-being. However, the history behind the introduction of this tradition has not come to light yet. But walking on this ember does not harm any man or woman. So the villagers believe that this incident is a combination of divine power so that no harm is done to the people.

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