He kept trying and I kept shrinking, in the end I lost, he became the king of the bed.

Hello friends my name is Itika today I am going to tell you about one of my interesting experiences which may have been experienced by every girl but you have become accustomed to hear my experience from my mouth. A colorful experience in all of us ..

If I wear a tight figure swim suit, my curvy limbs that hit Hollywood heroines will be ruined by seeing me and even if they assume their impulses, they will not be able to stop from emerging from their clothes. Itika means erotic. It was brown in appearance but my body was just like what Mallu Aunty from South India looked like.

I remember in the current lecture, when the boys were going to the toilet, I saw with my own eyes the evidence of releasing my impulses by writing my name and drawing cartoons. Even some professors look at me and behave in such a way that one wonders why my professor would look at me in such a way.

The whole college was obsessed with me… but I liked a boy, he was the only boy who was so straight that he never looked up at any girl, all the college boys were staring at me but he never looked at me At that time, it became a challenging thing for me to get this boy under my control.

One day I asked him and he said his name was Samir. Samir was a shy boy from a normal family so I befriended him in the name of notebook exchange. Gradually we started talking on the phone. Come to my house, we will finish the assignment work together. I was waiting for Samir’s offer. When Samir called me, Samir opened the door of his house and asked me to sit down. He asked for tea and coffee and then told me to start work.

I asked Samir why there is no one in your house. Samir said that all the people in the house have gone for one day picnic today. I did not find anything wrong with Samir because I had the impression that he was a straightforward boy till today..but when we were sitting in the bedroom discussing the assignment and during the topic Samir and my hands touched each other not once but many times. It was for him but it was uncontrollable for Samir

Our fingers got entangled in each other’s fingers, came close to our lips and then we let the body and the body curl together like one soul. Assuming we could not stop

Sameer’s impulses were now out of control and I was also waiting to be undressed. In a few moments my expectation was fulfilled but our experience was new. But it was my desire to have something. In the end, the success after many attempts gave me a little pain, but our reunion three times in one day was so memorable that I did not have such fun even during my honeymoon.

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