Happu Singh’s real life wife who died on comedy show ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ ‘Gori Mem’ is very glamorous, see photos

If you are also a fan of this show, you must have seen that Happu Singh is looking for an excuse to impress ‘Gori Mem’ i.e. Anita Mishra. But did you know that the real life wife of Happu Singh aka Yogesh Tripathi is very glamorous and stylish.

Yogesh Tripathi’s wife’s name is Sapna Tripathi. Yogesh often shares photos of his wife spending quality time on social media. Sapna Tripathi is also present on social media. From here, a picture of her with her son is going viral on the internet.

In this picture you can see Happu Singh’s wife in a sky blue and white dress. At the same time, his son is seen sitting on his bicycle. Yogesh Tripathi has commented on this photo in his own style ‘Mero Lal’.

Many more pictures of Yogesh Tripathi’s wife Sapna Tripathi will be seen on Instagram, in which she is seen with her husband. Yogesh Tripathi has commented on almost every photo of Sapna. At the same time, in the picture you can see that their sons are just as cute as they are.

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