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Newsstand Web Desk: Love is a feeling that binds two people together in a bond that never breaks. When a person is in love, he has no concern for people or society. The only thing on her mind is to find her love. When someone’s love grows,

Then he only listens to the heart and does what does not separate him from his love. Many times when the family does not understand your love, some boys and girls decide to run away from home, and go away and settle their family.

But today we will tell you about a love story in which a boy and a girl ran away from home to get married, but then something happened that the girl left her lover and got married to her father.

In fact, this is the whole case of Halai OP area of ​​Samastipur district where a boy and a girl had planned to run away and get married. The two ran away but what happened after that was really shocking.

Let’s say that when the two ran away from home, the girl found out that the boy was a minor, which led to her marrying her widowed father and he did so at the behest of her lover. The girl’s family also filed a kidnapping case against the boy.

Due to which the youth was also arrested, after which the whole case came to light. According to media reports, the girl left home for college but did not return home.

Disturbed by this, the girl’s father filed a case of abduction under conspiracy against all members of the family, including Hariom Kumar, son of Satyanarayana Singh of the village.

But when the police caught the boys and interrogated them, the whole matter came to light. The girl herself came and told the police about this.
The girl told police that she fell in love with the boy while she was studying in college.

But the family members did not believe in their relationship, which led to the two deciding to flee and Vidyapatidham fled. Upon arriving, the girl learns that the boy is only 17 years old and a minor, and they decide together that the girl should marry her widowed father. Which caused his girlfriend to become his mother.

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