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The rise of Hindu Chamar caste did not take place in ancient times. Those who have taken the meaning of Chamar-karma with Chamar caste on the basis of Rigveda etc. are wrong and wrong because leather-worker means leather-worker and does not mean Chamar caste.

Because there was no leather in India until the Muslims came to India. Sant Raidasji speculated that Muslims were going to convert Hindus by beating them and that is probably why Sant Raidasji was captured and imprisoned by the Muslim ruler.

On the other hand, Maharana Sanga was also fighting for the protection of Hinduism. By the way, Sanga said that not all their castes are asked from Guru, but only knowledge is taken from Guru. This was one of the reasons that later Saint Raidas and Maharana Sanga both became Guru-disciples. So today Youngistan will tell you how this Guru and disciple defended Hinduism and how our history today ignores the sacrifice of this Guru and disciple

The story of Guru and disciple..Guru-Raidas Alexander the Great converted Hindus to Islam by killing and intimidating them. On the other hand, the Hindus who were caught by the Muslims, the Muslims were cleaning their toilets. Such people were called ugly and these Hindus were shown the way out of religion.

So these people who were expelled from Hinduism, their chances of becoming Muslims were very high. So these people did not become Muslims so Sant Raidasji formed a separate sect of his own. Now Sikandar Lodhi imprisoned Saint Raidas because he was trying to save Hinduism from extinction.

There was a big movement to get Sant Raidasji out of jail. Lodhi also gave money to Saint Raidasji so that he himself could become a Muslim. But Saint Raidasji also refused money for the protection of Hinduism. Sant Raidasji went to jail for Hinduism.

Maharana Sanga .. Maharana Sanga spent his entire life on the battlefield. The Sultan of Gujarat captured Idar by removing Swami Raymal Rathore of Inder. Rana Sanga went to Raimal’s aid and defeated Sultan Nizamulmulk in battle. He had thrown Sultan Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi into the dust.

Maharana Sanga came to know that now foreign Muslim rulers were occupying India. He wanted the country to be free from this foreign blood, but other kings could not understand Maharana Sanga. Maharana Sanga got the news of Saint Raidas ji and then she reached Raja Raidas ji.

Then Maharana Sanga made Raidasji his guru. Sanga wanted to take Saint Raidasji to his kingdom Mewar.

At first Raidasji did not accept this, but in the end Sanga also talked about leaving the royal text. The saints understood that they would not go to Mewar without me. So Saint Raidasji stayed in Mewar with his disciple till the end.

Thus, this pair of Guru and disciple has fought a great battle for Hinduism. In fact, it was the warriors who hoisted the flag of Hinduism in that period. But today’s India has forgotten the real history of Sant Raidasji and Maharana Sang. Nothing could be more tragic for Hinduism.

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