Greetings to this grandmother from Gujarat, this grandmother sat down to study at the age of 82 for one reason – Gujarat Info Portal

In earlier times education was not given much importance. But now education is very important. However some children do not like going to school. Some quit their studies and some commit suicide out of boredom. Then today we will tell you about a grandmother from Gujarat whose courage is really saluted.

This grandmother from Gujarat is currently being discussed on social media. The grandmother, who lives near Rawapar Road in Morbi, Gujarat, wanted to study. This grandmother is an inspiration to every elderly person. The grandmother, who lives in Bhadiad village in Morbi, started her studies at the age of 82. Unable to study at an early age, he decided to study at the age of 82.

Amrutba, 82, says she came up with the idea in 2017 to learn to read and write. So he decided to gain knowledge of the letters. Grandmother began to study hard with an idea that came to her mind. The 82-year-old grandmother proved that no age is required to get an education.

Grandma started learning the alphabet and ABCD. In just six months of hard work, he learned to read and write. Amrut Bae has inspired everyone by continuing to study at the age of 82. He started studying because he could not read or write. Then today they can read and write the mantras of God. Everyone is praising her for her courage.

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