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Mahesh Manjrekar’s new Marathi film ‘Naya Varan Bhat Loncha Kon Koncha’ is in trouble due to its explicit display of adult material. The film’s trailer has received strong response from the National Commission for Women (NCW) for showing intimate scenes involving minors in the film. The film has been in the limelight ever since. Everyone talks about this. People are reacting differently to this.

Now it is reported that actress Kashmira Shah, who was seen in intimate scenes in the film, has been dropped from the film even before its release. According to media reports, the makers had removed some visuals from the film in the past. The trailer showed actress Kashmira Shah pulling child actor Prem Dharma Dhikari towards her. Which has been removed. Also the scene where Prem Dharma Dhikari played the character has been removed. This scene from the film was also removed from the last cut. Missed one or two more shots.

The film was approved by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) last week with an ‘A’ certificate. The issue was raised by NCW president Rekha Sharma after receiving a complaint from Maharashtra-based Indian Shri Shakti. It criticized the open broadcast of adult content on social media platforms.

According to NCW, the film’s trailer, which was released on January 10, 2022, featured adult content. As well as women and children were portrayed in “unacceptable ways.” The film is based on the story of the late Jayant Pawar and stars Prem Dharma Dhikari, Chhaya Kadam, Shashank Shende and Kashmira Shah in the lead roles.

Nay Varan Bhatt Launcha Kon Na Koncha is a crime-thriller about two teenage boys who grow up to be hardcore criminals after facing deprivation and cruelty by society. Intimate scenes have been shot by women with these same minors. Which has caused a stir on the internet.

In January 2008, Govinda slapped Santosh Rai, a struggling actor, on the set of Money Hai To Honey Haina at Filmistan Studios in Mumbai. On February 5, 2009, Rai filed a complaint against Govinda in the Borivali Magistrate’s Court, alleging assault and crime. In 2013, the court ruled against Rai.

In 2014, Rai took his case to the Supreme Court, saying that he had come to Mumbai to become an actor, and was deeply humiliated when he was slapped by Govinda. According to Ray, he fought the case for six years and spent ₹ 500,000–600,000 on attorney fees.

Since the actor did not apologize, he was more determined to fight her in court. In December 2015, the Supreme Court asked Govinda to apologize for slapping Rai and to settle the whole matter out of court immediately within two weeks. The actor said he “respects” the court’s decision, and will decide when he receives it in writing.

In 2011, Khanna hosted the music launch of Bollywood’s science-fiction Ra.One starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Khanna then organized the second installment of Diwali celebrations for the year 2011 through Star Plus. The title of the event was Diwali Rishto Ki Mithas. And Khanna hosted various parts of that event. She was also seen in a promotional video for Star Plus with fellow actresses Deepika Singh, Nia Sharma and Pooja Gaur.

Khanna is the brand ambassador of Beauty with Astrology, a science institute founded by her mother Kamini Khanna. They have also started an early morning spiritual and wellness radio show called ‘Sehar’ on 92.7 BIG FM with Khanna as a brand ambassador. In 2010, Khanna was appointed as a judge in Frito-Le India’s consumer campaign “Kurkure Spend Time with Family”.

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