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In the heart of every person some desires and wishes are fulfilled, which he always dreams of fulfilling. Vrat, fasting, worship, havan, yajna and what to do to fulfill the mental work. But still the wish is not fulfilled.

You will also have some wishes that are not being fulfilled. So we will tell you a simple and easy solution, your wish will be fulfilled! In which there is nothing to say in the ears of these messengers of God by remembering God with true heart.

But keep in mind that desire should not be associated with the wrong feeling of hurting someone, thinking bad or looking down on someone.

Nandi Nandi is considered to be the messenger of Lord Shiva and a river idol is placed outside each Shiva temple. According to the scriptures, speaking of your psychic desires in this Nandi’s ear fulfills the psychic desires.

Mice 2 Vighna, Upkaar, Ganesha’s ride is Undar Maharaj. It is said that by uttering one’s psychic desires in the ear of a rat, it reaches the psychic Ganesha and fulfills every human psychic desire.

Lion Sinharaj is called the ride of the mother queen. Mother Queen comes and goes with this ride. So it is said that the wish will be fulfilled by speaking in the lion’s ear to the mother queen to fulfill her wish.

This is the ride of all the gods. For whom it is said that every god comes and goes in his ride. So whenever you go to the temple speak their wishes in their ears. This messenger certainly conveys your will to God,

So that your wish is fulfilled. If it does not benefit you then there will be no harm. Panditji says that wherever Lord Shiva is worshiped, Nandi is definitely mentioned.

In every temple it can be seen that the idol of Nandi, his vehicle, is installed in front of Lord Shiva. Just as the darshan and worship of Lord Shiva is important, so is Nandi. Nandi is not only the vehicle of Lord Shiva, he is also his param bhakt.

It is said that if his desire goes somewhere in Nandi’s ear, he will definitely reach Lord Shiva. You must have seen Nandi sitting outside the temple. It is said that Nandi sits outside so that devotees can easily express their views.

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