Given the life-threatening daughter from Ukraine, we wandered on the Romania border for four days amid minus 10 degree snowfall – Gujarat Info Portal

Many Indians are trapped in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. They want to return to their homeland by doing anything in the event of war. Meanwhile, the Indian girls who returned from Ukraine at the risk of their lives said that they were giving. There will be tears in your eyes knowing what you said while crying.

Students returning to India from Ukraine say that when the war broke out we were all scared of what would happen next. We kept calling the Indian Embassy for 2 days but no one answered. We took all our luggage and walked 15 km. We spent four nights in the open air at minus 10 and minus 20 degrees. Has faced a very dire situation.

Listening to what Divyanshi, who came to India from Ukraine at the risk of his own life, will make your hair stand on end. He said people were trying to move on by crushing my head and shoulders. As we crossed the Romanian border we met people from the Indian embassy. There were tears in his eyes and a sore throat while saying this.

“If the Indian government is saying that they have evacuated us, it is completely wrong,” Divyanshi said. Free flight from Poland to India is not called evacuation. If the Indian government had helped us get out of Ukraine it would have been called evacuation. This truth should be told to the people of the country. They were just busy preaching.

“We tried to contact the Indian embassy officials,” said Pratibha, an Indian girl who defended herself in a state of war. No embassy official responded to the call or message. When a friend of ours posted a video on Facebook to show the reality, instead of helping, a call came from the embassy to delete the video.

“We hoped the government would help us,” Pratibha said tearfully. After the war started we waited for two days but without any help we took the initiative ourselves. We all booked the bus together. 6 thousand rupees were taken from us per student. It seems to us that both the agent and the embassy were involved. After getting off the bus we walked 15 kilometers in minus 20 degree cold with our luggage on our shoulders.

Shatakshi, who returned from Ukraine, says that 4000 students with us stood on the Romanian border for 4 days amid heavy snowfall but no one listened to us. People from other countries came to the aid of their own citizens. This felt very embarrassing.

The Indian students were beaten but no one came from the External Affairs Ministry. The girls were also abused. Junior students were crushed in the stampede. In front of the people of other countries, we Indians felt ashamed that the officials of our country were not doing anything.

The students say that the people of Romania helped us well. He gave us accommodation and also gave us food. But when we met the people of the Indian embassy in Romania, they behaved very badly. “Whoever will clean the bathroom, we will take him to India first,” he said.

All the students were so tired that no one dared to clean the bathroom after standing in the snow for 4 days and even in such a temptation that he would be taken to India first. But there was such a rush to get home that some students even went to clean the toilet. Faced with a very bad situation, we returned home. The government is requested to bring our comrades back home now.

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