Get alert today! These 5 things should never be eaten before and after drinking milk, otherwise you can get trapped in a serious illness, read what are the things

We consider milk to be a very nutritious food, milk contains protein and it is said that drinking milk also increases strength, most people drink milk at bedtime. But did you know that according to science, there are certain things that can cause serious illness in the body if eaten before or after drinking milk?

So let us tell you today what are the things that should never be eaten before and after breastfeeding.

Sour thing: We use sourdough to make yogurt from milk, but if you drink milk immediately before or after you eat something sour, you are more likely to vomit. If you have to drink milk, you can comfortably drink milk 2 hours after eating anything sour.

Never eat lentils after drinking milk: In most of the houses in India, dal is made at night, and if we have to drink milk at night, then always keep drinking milk only two hours after eating dal. Because if you drink milk after eating lentils, you may get indigestion, stomach ache, vomiting, body heaviness and sometimes heart related problems.

Never drink milk after eating fish: This is like warning people who eat meat. Although fish contains protein which promotes good health of the face and hair, eating milk or anything made from milk after eating fish can lead to food poisoning, abdominal pain and white spots across the body.

Never eat milk with curd and oatmeal: Never consume milk after or before eating Okra. This causes black spots to appear on the face and gradually the whole face will start to look bad.

Consumption of milk with jambu and radish is harmful:Never drink milk before and after eating radish and jaggery. If you do this, you may get some facial diseases. So never consume these 5 things with milk to stay healthy forever.

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