From the point of view of the world, we were both friends, but we spent many nights together.

Hello I am going to tell you something that is never generally accepted in society but we two sisters like to have sex with each other so we used to have fun in our own way. Let me tell you some of our colorful things today I am yours in all our talk

My name is Disha and I used to live in a room with one of my friends in my college friend’s name was Deepa and we both used to live happily with each other..I had some more harmony with Deepa than there is harmony between one room partner. . I used to talk to a lot of boys in my college and have fun with them but I never saw Deepa doing that. I sometimes wondered why Deepa lives like this. This age is called the age of desires, in which the pleasures of the body fluctuate, but I never felt that Deepa was ever attracted to any boy.

When I asked Deepa jokingly, “Which boy do you like very much in college? Deepa would avoid talking to Hussein.” I didn’t think that Deepa would want to avoid talking so he gave me such an extravagant answer but from that day onwards I saw Deepa’s behavior and I realized that he really had no interest in boys.

One day when Deepa was not in the room, I searched her bed and found some books on how a woman’s relationship with a woman can be colorful. She came and when she saw her book in my hand, she got upset at first and then she started teasing me. I told her not to touch my things. How to have fun.

Deepa calmed down and he grabbed my hand and said if you really want to know we will both give each other happiness… I couldn’t deny Deepa’s words Take.

I had no such attraction with the same limbs but then when Deepa started rubbing my personal limbs I couldn’t stop the euphoria. Deepa was fondling my limbs with love and now that I too have become uncontrollable, I too started removing her underwear and stroking her limbs. Our posture lasted a long time.

Both their lips and tongue were wet but the wetness in our limbs also started making syrup strings. I can’t describe the taste to you in words but if you have tasted that wetness then you must know its taste.

This was the first day of our relationship. After we became each other, this became our routine. Later I found out that Deepa also had toys that could satisfy her. We used to play with each other for hours. We used to enjoy it with so much in mind that we would experience happiness beyond the limits of what is called satisfaction.

After that our college was over so we had a lot of fun even on the last day. Our relationship was not going to have any place in the society. Today Deepa and I are both married. I started to have the same fun as I used to, so we still make each other happy when we get the chance.

The only difference now is that the toys that used to have a place in our limbs now give us joy in real life so we just give each other the satisfaction we get from our lips and tongue.

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