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Mouth Ulcers Remedy: If you have a problem with mouth sores every day, start eating this food. As well as ulcers, they also provide relief from stomach upset.

Blisters can form in the mouth for a number of reasons, sometimes appearing white and sometimes red. These mouth ulcers are painful, but the most difficult thing is to eat them. If you eat such a thing the whole body feels like rebellion. In such cases, when blisters occur, it is necessary to eat food which should be easy to eat, as well as eliminate the problem of blisters. Blisters are mostly caused by stomach upset, so this food is also helpful in healing the stomach.

Food to eat in case of mouth ulcers.


Eating at least one cup of yoghurt a day will also help you to get rid of mouth ulcers and recurrent ulcers. It also cools your stomach.


Eating juicy fruits relieves mouth ulcers. Apart from watermelon, you can also eat grapes or cantaloupe.


Honey is full of anti-inflammatory properties. You can also eat it and apply it on ulcers. It does not spread blisters.


Chewing basil leaves and drinking water relieves mouth ulcers. Which causes the ulcer to disappear.


Your mouth ulcers go away when you eat raw tomatoes. Many people also apply tomato juice on ulcers to get rid of ulcers.

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