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Counting days are not left for Gujarat Assembly elections. All the political parties are busy in the election campaign and Bollywood celebrities are also being resorted to for this. But today we are talking about Sanskriti Patel, the granddaughter of former Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben, who is no less than a celebrity.

If Sanskriti Patel is fielded, it is certain that the crowd will gather easily. Let me tell you that Sanskriti Patel is the daughter of Anandiben’s daughter Anar Patel and son-in-law Jayesh Patel. Some pictures of Sanskriti Patel went viral on social media recently.

Sanskriti Patel has become a new sensation on social media these days and its beauty is being discussed all around. It is worth mentioning that Sanskriti is the director of Sans Multi Designer Studio in Ahmedabad and through her she is sharing many of her pics with people these days. Some of her pictures have surfaced on social media showing her stylish look.

The pictures in front of him are being liked a lot on social media. After seeing these beautiful pictures of her, many people asked her when she is coming to Bollywood. Culture has said in response to questions from its fans that it will soon be seen on the silver screen.

Let me tell you that in one of her photos, Sanskriti is seen tattooing the names of father Jayesh and mother Anar on her hands. Notably, on the Facebook page of Culture Sons Multi Designer Studio, she often shares some photos of her modeling.

It is to be noted that Sanskriti Patel also did a photoshoot for you in the year 2016, whose pictures shocked everyone. The photoshoot was performed by London-based photographer Murig Marshall and makeup artist Suzanne Smith. Sanskriti Patel thanked the two for mentioning these in her post. It remains to be seen when the culture will debut in Bollywood.

Let me tell you that elections will be held in Gujarat in two phases on 13th December and 17th December. The counting of votes will take place on December 20 and the results will be declared on the same day. There are only 12 days left till the first phase of Gujarat elections.

The BJP is now preparing to field celebrities to make the campaign proud. In fact, the children of many Gujarat leaders are no less than celebrities. If they come during the election campaign to seek votes, they can gather a crowd.

Stay in the discussion on social media because of the beautiful pictures. Anandiben’s daughter Anar Patel and son-in-law Jayesh Patel’s daughter Sanskriti Patel are in the news on social media because of their beautiful photos. Let me tell you that Sanskriti is the director of Sansa Multi Designer Studio in Ahmedabad.

One of her photos is always discussed on social media. In fact, this photo has tattoos of father Jayesh and mother Anar on her hands.
Culture Sense shared some photos of the modeling on Multi Designer Studio’s Facebook page. In these pictures, his mother Anar Patel’s partner Daksh Shah is also seen with culture.

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