Foreigners hear Gitaben Rabari’s voice. Dollar rains on Taj stage.

Foreigners also like Indian music. We all know this, but you probably don’t know how much they like our music. Have you ever heard of someone’s music being so loved that the stage itself is filled with notes? If not here’s a new product just for you!

A stage show was organized in America. Especially Indian singers were invited here. The singer also came to sing the song. As soon as he started the song, the foreigners liked it so much that it rained dollars on them. Let’s find out who the Singer is after all.

Organized to help Ukraine: The war between Russia and Ukraine is not going to end. Russia has repeatedly bombed several Ukrainian cities. Big countries, including the US, are just watching. Russia has not backed down for this reason. The war between the two countries is still going on.

Even though America is not doing anything in this war, the NRIs living in America have not given up. He has taken the initiative to save humanity. These people have come forward to help the victims in Ukraine. For this reason, NRIs organized a concert on Sunday to raise funds.

Here is the singer who was showered with dollars: Gujarati NRI OA organized a concert in Atlanta to raise funds for the people of Ukraine. Special Gujarati singers from India were invited to perform at the event. Folk singer Gitaben Rabari was at a concert called Lol Dior in Atlanta.

Gitabe started singing songs in front of the people in the program that people were mesmerized by. The American people were so mesmerized by Gitaben’s voice that it started raining dollars on the stage. People who enjoyed music in the auditorium donated millions of rupees for songs from Ukraine and Gitaben.

The photos went viral on social media: These pictures of Gitaben and Dollar have gone viral on social media. In these pics you can see how the singer is sitting on the stage. All around them is a rain of dollars. According to a report, Geeta Bean has amassed around લાખ 3 lakh, or Rs 2.5 crore, based on her singing.

The pics were shared by the singer himself on his Instagram account. Seeing the dollar in the pictures, the hosh of his fans flew. Gitaben also captioned the photo, saying, “There was a folk dior show for an interactive live audience in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Let me share with you some spiritual moments.

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