For the last 15 years people have been lining up to eat this plate from Surat, even Sethia from Mumbai comes to Surat to eat this plate – Gujarat Info Portal

Everyone knows that Gujarati people are very fond of food. However, Gujarati food is so delicious that people come from far and wide to enjoy it. Everyone likes Gujarati Thali. Wherever you go, you will find Gujarati restaurants everywhere. Then today we will tell you about Surat’s Special Kansar Gujarati Thali. People from Mumbai come to Surat to eat that.

People are very eager to eat Kansar Gujarati Thali from Surat. Every day a large number of people come here to eat. Besides, there is a long line here during festivals and holidays. You will find more than 20 Gujarati items to eat in Kansar Gujarati Thali. Which is very crunchy and crunchy.

Kansar Gujarati Thali has samosa, chaat and Gujarati special dhokla in farsan which is very tasty. A large number of people come here to eat. So thousands of loaves are made. People come here for dinner between 11 and 3 p.m. When there is a line for people to eat from 7 to 10:30 at night.

There are four types of vegetables in Kansar Gujarati Thali every day. In which potato vegetable, mug or other bean vegetable, Paneer Tika or other Punjabi vegetable and Surati special inverted are given. With which puri and roti are served. In addition to this special Kansar Gujarati dish, there is dal tadka which is a little spicy, as well as Gujarati sweet dal, besides special Gujarati chilli curry.

Kansar Gujarati Thali is a spicy meal for those who like to eat spicy tamattu. People who like salt also have to eat salt. In addition, if one does not eat garlic or onion, there is a special Jain dish for them. This dish is served with salad, papad, lemon pickle, rubbery and rosemary or any other sweet.

More than 20 items are provided in Kansar Gujarati Thali. There is also dal rice. Apart from this, Gujarati people’s favorite sweet and sour Chhas is given. Because it is said that Gujarati Chhali is incomplete without Chhas. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest loves Chhas. This special Kansar Gujarati Thali is available for only Rs.

You can also order Kansar Gujarati Thali online. Kansar Gujarati thali is not only delicious to eat but also excellent to digest so that everyone can come to eat this thali. People come specially from Mumbai to eat Kansar Gujarati Thali. Here you will find different types of flavors. If you are also fond of food, then you need to eat Surat Kansar Gujarati Thali once.

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