For the first love, Anushka Sharma left her production company ‘Clean Slate’, handed over to her brother. – Deshi Gujarati

As you all know brother and sister relationship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. Now a living example of this is the famous actress Anushka Sharma of Hindi cinema and her brother i.e. producer Karnesh Sharma. The two siblings have been playing with each other since childhood. Let us inform you that in 2013, these two brothers and sisters opened their own production house called ‘Clean Slate’ Films. Anushka Sharma and Karnesh have made many superhit films over the years under the banner of this production house.

It may be mentioned that Anushka Sharma has recently made a big announcement about her production house Clean Slate Films. First Love wants to give maximum time to acting. This is the reason why the actress has decided to move away from her production house. Notably, the actress recently announced this by sharing a note on her Instagram handle, let us know what is written in this note.

Actress Anushka Sharma shared a note on her Instagram handle on March 19, 2022, in which she wrote, ‘It will soon be separated from its production house Kids Slate Films, which she founded in 2013 with her brother Ganesh Sharma Was. Started with. The actress further wrote in the note shared on Instagram that she made this decision because she is now a mother of one child.

With this, he wants to balance his life with his first love, his first love is his acting. Because of this Anushka Sharma has bid farewell to her production house to focus on her acting career and the role of her daughter. Anushka Sharma has left the entire responsibility of her production house to her brother Karunesh and also wished him all the best for his future life.

There is no way that actress Anushka Sharma is handling both her personal and professional life very well. While Anushka Sharma is handling her daughter Wamika Sharma very well, on the other hand she is working well on many of her film projects these days.

For information, let us inform you that on January 6, 2022, Anushka Sharma shared the trailer of her upcoming film ‘Agra Express’ with her fans through her Instagram account. By sharing this trailer, the actress showed her love for acting and also told her fans that she is going to return to the world of acting soon.

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