Five friends were standing and talking on a small puncture shop when suddenly the lid broke and everyone fell into the gutter – Gujarat Live

More and more accidents are happening day by day and people are losing their lives in accidents but today a video is going very viral on social media which has annoyed everyone.

The video is of Jaisalmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In Jaisalmer, five youths were standing on a slogan, but when the slogan suddenly opened, five brothers were pushed down, but not only that, the bike parked next to them also fell on them. And these five had very serious injuries and this video is going very viral on social media.

Outside the railway station in Jaisalmer is a tire puncture shop where an old raincoat spreads. And the owner of the tire puncture had covered it by placing a stone here. The shop owner and the two employees who kept him there were working.

At that time two men came here to puncture the vehicle with a Bolero car while a young man was puncturing the tire while the remaining four people were standing and talking to each other and all of a sudden the lid was opened and all the people fell into the gutter. Only he was injured and no one was injured

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