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Friends, we all know that our earth is very holy and virtuous. Many sadhus have become saints here. From time to time many great men came to earth to guide the human race. We are going to talk about Ramdev Peer here.

Let it be known that there is information that Ramdev Pir]Was born about 200 years ago today in the village of Kashmir in Barmer, Rajasthan on the day of Bhadarva sud beej of Samvat 1608. His mother’s name was Minal Devi (Mainade) and his father’s name was Ajmal Rai. His father was the king of the area. Kashmir village is now also known as Ramdevra.

Let it be known that Ramdev Pir is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Dwarkadhish (Krishna). Ramdev Pir is worshiped especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat. We all know that Bhadarva Sud Beej is celebrated on the day of birth of Ramdev Pir.

We are going to talk about one such temple here where Ramdev Pir Sakshat, known as the lord of Bar Bij, is sitting. This temple is known as Nilkanth Tornia Dham. Where the mental work of the devotees is completed, people from far and wide come here to take darshan and take advantage of Aarti.

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