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Living a simple life, this person is always on hand to help every little man, despite his wealth of crores, he does not feel the need to ride a bicycle. We are talking about Govindbhai Dhalakia now. Who are known for their simplicity despite having a fortune of crores. We always see that when someone has money and power, they feel proud. There are very few people today who have maintained their culture.

One such person is Govindbhai Dhalakia, a leavened merciful man from Kathiawar and an industrialist from Surat who has maintained his culture and home style. Those who care about every little man are seen helping them in every way.

Govindbhai Dhalakia is known for his simplicity. That’s when a similar new case came up. When Govindbhai Dhalakia went to his village, he was seen leaving his expensive car and riding a bicycle. He was seen riding his bicycle through the streets of his village.

Govindbhai is a native of Dudhala village in Lathi taluka of Amreli district. Govindbhai visited his Dudhala village from Surat in Rolls-Royce. However, after leaving the village, he left his Rolls-Royce and grabbed a bicycle. He refreshed his childhood memories by riding a bicycle. Govindbhai, who has a fortune of crores, does not feel comfortable in cycling.

Govindbhai did many good deeds for the people of his village. At present Govindbhai is installing solar power plants on all the houses in the whole village at his own cost. So that the cost of electricity for the people is saved. Dudhala will be the first village in India where the entire village will use electricity from solar power plants in the coming days.

Govindbhai is installing solar power plants at a cost of Rs 2 crore on about 300 houses in the village. Govindbhai had not been to Dudhala village for some time due to ill health. After undergoing a liver transplant, they recently moved to the village. When he went to the village after recovering from his health, he decided to help the people in need by taking Rs.5000 from each of the villagers.

Govindbhai was transplanted to Kiran Hospital in Surat after receiving a donor due to liver disease. He had gone to his village in good health. With the success of the operation, they donated Rs 1 crore to Kiran Hospital in Surat. And donated about two thousand rupees to 1500 employees of the hospital.

Govindbhai is always at the forefront in giving alms, be it social work or any other religious matter. He donated Rs 11 crore for the construction of Ram Mandi in Ayodhya. Thus Govindbhai has always made a place in the hearts of all people because of his culture and emotional nature.

When he left the village at the tender age of 13 and came to Surat, he started his career as a diamond grinder. Shortly after, he started his own company, Shri Ramakrishna Exports. They currently have a staff of 6000 employees. He is also known as Govindkaka.

Govindbhai studied only 7 books. Currently he has set up SRK Company. They also give true advice to their competitors and show them the way forward. Govindbhai always says that God will give you twice as much respect as you give to others. People love listening to Govindbhai.

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