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People offer offerings after worshiping God in the temple. And Panditji distributes the same prasad among the people. People accept that prasad as a blessing of God, but did you know that it is considered taboo to accept the prasad offered on Shivling, the symbol of Lord Shiva. There is a myth behind it that a group called Chandeshwar appeared from the mouth of Lord Shiva.

Chandeshwar is the chief of ghosts and spirits. It is said that the prasad offered on Shivling is a part of Chandeshwar. Part of Chandeshwar i.e. taking prasad offered on Shivling is considered to be part of ghost. That is why it is said that prasad offered on Shivling should not be accepted.

Prasad of Lord Shiva destroys all sins.It is said in Shiva Purana that the offering of Lord Shiva destroys all kinds of sins. The mere sight of Lord Shiva’s offerings destroys many sins. Then the quality of receiving prasad cannot be estimated.

If you also worship Bholenath in Savan, then worship Shivling of metal or mercury. There is nothing wrong with accepting offerings made on metal or mercury Shivlings. Apart from this you can also accept it by offering prasad to the idol or statue of Shiva in Savan. Prasad of Lord Shiva liberates from many sins and brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Apart from this, if Shivling is worshiped with Shaligram, whatever material it is made of, the prasad offered to it is flawless and can be accepted. At the same time, the prasad offered on the physical idol of Shiva is also perfectly acceptable and the person receives the grace of Shiva.

On which Shivling is it forbidden to receive Prasad? ..The offerings offered on all Shivlings are not part of Chandeshwar. Prasad offered on Shivlings made of ordinary stone, clay and porcelain is forbidden. The offerings offered on these Shivlings should be offered in any river or reservoir.

Shiviling and all Bar Jyotirlingo is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Saurashtra Somas, Mallikarjun, Ujandanen of Mr.Shashail, Himalaya, Kadarnath, Dakini’s Bhamkhankar, Varanasi, Kadarnath, Gamantath, Triamist, Tribbaksh Khatkhakshkhakeshkeshwar, Chitashawar, Tribbaksh Khatkhakshkhakeshwar, Chitashawar, Chitashakhakhakshkhakeshwar, Chitashawar, Chitashawar, Sithkkeshwar, Rameshwar and Pagoda, Situhawar, free from the right It is believed that by accepting the offerings offered here, all the sins of the person are destroyed.

You can eat the prasad offered on such a Shivling.Shivling made of any metal or mounted on the Shivling of Mercury is not considered to be a part of Chandeshwar. It is a part of Mahadev. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with accepting the offerings offered to them. Even if there is Shaligram with Shivling, the guilt comes to an end.

According to the Shiva Purana, offerings of clay, common stone and porcelain clay should not be accepted on Shivling. Such offerings should be placed in running water. However, offerings made of metal or placed on the Shivling of Mercury can be taken. Apart from this, offerings can be taken on the idol of Shiva.

It is believed that Bholenath’s grace is obtained by accepting the offerings offered on the idol of Shiva. According to religious beliefs, even if there is Shaligram with Shivling, all faults are destroyed. After worshiping Shaligram with Shivling, one can take prasad.

Offerings to God are honorable in every respect, so it is important to have doubts about what to do when it comes to not accepting them. Should I give it to someone else or throw it away? In fact, both are considered wrong. Throwing Prasad even when it is insulted and God’s wrath is done.

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