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Friends, in the world of cricket, it is often the case that players sometimes go through a good phase, sometimes they go through a very bad phase. Which is why no one even knows them well.

Speaking of these players, there is also former cricketer Praveen Tambe, who is currently in a lot of discussion. In fact, this player’s cricket career has been full of ups and downs and difficulties. And recently a film has also been made on this veteran player, whose name is Kaun Praveen Tambe? Is. The film is based on the life of Praveen.

Shreyas Talpade will be seen in the lead role in this film by Jayaprad Desai. And the film is set to release on April 1 on Disney Plus Hotstar. And since its release, the film has been very popular among cricket fans.

And today through this article we will learn some things about the total wealth of Praveen Tambe, his career and his family. Friends, if we look at the property of Praveen Tambe, his wealth is said to be close to 6 crores. Because of his cricketing career, he has earned advertising, match fees, his investments and much more. Tambe also made his IPL debut in 2013 from Rajasthan Royals. And then he played in IPL for 3 years.

For which he was given 10 lakh rupees in one year. After this, Praveen Tambe was seen playing for Gujarat Lines in 2016 and Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2017. He was paid a fee of Rs 20 lakh a year for this. And then in the year 2020, it was signed by KKR for Rs 20 lakh.

I would like to inform you that Praveen Tambe made his debut in IPL at the age of 41. And he is one of the oldest players in the IPL so far. And he never played professional cricket during the time he was selected for the IPL.

Praveen wanted to be a fast bowler when he was young, but Orient Shipping captain Ajay Kadam advised him to do leg spin bowling. After this he also impressed Sandeep Patil playing for Shivaji Park Gymkhana team with his leg spin.

Praveen’s father Vijay once said in an interview with CricketCountry that Sandeep Patil rated Praveen’s flipper very high. I would like to say that Praveen worked very hard for many years as a club level player in Mumbai. And Praveen adopted it as a side hustle with his one day job. He started playing club cricket with Parsi Cycle Riders in the D Division of Mumbai Local League in the 1995.96 season.

He then decided to move to Parsi Gymkhana in the B Division of Mumbai Local League before joining Shivaji Gymkhana in the top league. After this, his name appeared in Mumbai’s Ranji potential team from 2000 to 2002, although he did not consider it necessary to include him in the final team later.

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