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Having a child after marriage is an integral part of Indian tradition. Having children after marriage is the next step. The greatest happiness in this world is the happiness of children. In such a situation everyone wants to have children in their life. However, only God knows who has many children.

But according to astrology, even the first letter of a person’s name says a lot. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some of the characters how many children they will have in the future. However, it depends entirely on trust. So let us know what is special about you in this article.

In the same way that a person’s name reveals his nature, so do many other secrets associated with him. According to astrology, even the first letter of a person indicates the happiness of his offspring. Everyone needs child happiness in his life.

Which is why some people seem to be talking about it already. For this some people take Kundli, some people elsewhere, but here we are going to tell from the first letter of the name how many children are in your Kundli? Let me tell you – here we are going to tell you about the names of people who start with just a few letters.

A, S and M .. Individuals whose names start with A, S and M have the sum of two children in their horoscope. Such people are very intelligent and have no shortage of money in their lives.

Not only that, they get the happiness of children very well. Apart from this their children later publish them very well. It is clear that they have never in their life suffered for their children.

I, V and Y .. People whose names start with I, V and Y are very shy in love. Let us tell you that their name is in the Fame Society and if they talk about their children they have only one child in their horoscope, in such a situation they have to be very careful, but they have only one child. Serves and in old age she does not face any kind of problem.

D, P and B .. People whose names start with D, P and B have only one child in their life, but if their spouse’s name starts with S, they have three children in their life.

In such a situation there is no shortage of money in their life and they get child happiness. If a person’s name starts with the letter R in English then such people do not like uniformity in life at all.

They do not face any kind of stress or difficulty. They understand and resolve every situation. It is said that they are able to get out of the worst situation. Although they are also a little naughty.

She has a long list of friends. Their goal is always to achieve a high position in the workplace. It is said that they do not breathe a sigh of relief until their dreams come true. According to astrology these people have 3 children in their horoscope. How many children

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