Famous TV Artist Rajendra Gupta’s Daughter Kills Bollywood Heroines ..

Indian television has a long history. At the same time, there are many TV serials and its actors, whose invincible imprint of strong acting is still in our minds today. One of them is serial Chandrakanta. You may also remember actor Rajendra Gupta who played the role of Pandit Jagannath in this serial.

At the same time, Rajendra Gupta was also seen in the role of Babuji in the recent popular serial Zoo. You must have seen Rajendra Gupta in the movie Lagaan too. While Rajendra Gupta has made a name for himself in the industry, his daughter is no less famous. Yes, we are talking about Rajendra Gupta’s daughter Ravi Gupta.

Ravi Gupta is a well known name in the TV industry. Ravi has acted in many TV serials. Seeing his father, Ravi had dreamed of coming into the world of acting since childhood. And Ravi worked hard to make that dream come true. Ravi has learned the ins and outs of acting from his father. As good as Ravi’s acting is, she is just as beautiful in appearance. Apart from being beautiful, Ravi is also very hot.

Ravi is very famous not only on TV but also on social media. Let me tell you that Ravi has never presented himself as a Star Kidney. And this is the reason why even now very few people know that Ravi is the daughter of the actor who played Tanu Weds Manu, Guru, Apne, Pan Singh Tomar, Bobby Jasoos, Lagaan, Bhai, Mission Kashmir, Tum Bin, Tarpan, Mein Zinda Hoon. Like having acted in big Bollywood movies.

Very few people know about Ravi Gupta that he started his career with modeling. Ravi also participated in Miss India 2006. In this, Ravi could not make his name in the competition, but discussions about his beauty were definitely taking place in the world of entertainment.

Ravi has also done ramp walks in many fashion shows as a model. Apart from this, Ravi has also appeared in many music videos and albums. Ravin was known in the TV world for Ekta Kapoor’s serials ‘Kunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ and ‘Kahin Kisi Roj’.

People still remember the character of Ravina played in these serials. Ravi has acted in many serials like Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Tumhari Disha. At the same time, Ravi’s career took a turn when she played the role of Ravana’s mother in the serial Ravana aired on Zee TV. Along with this he also spread the magic of his acting in Ravi’s serial theory.

Ravi is married to actor Manoj Bidwai. At the same time, you may not know about Ravi that when the earthquake hit Nepal, Ravi was present in Kathmandu with her husband and nine-month-old baby.

Ravi says that as soon as the house shook, Ravi picked up her baby and ran out barefoot in pajama kurta. The couple spent the next two days on the hotel lawn as refugees, eating whatever they could find, without even having money in hand. Eventually, the two boarded a rescue plane and returned to Mumbai.

Let me tell you, the artist we are talking about is Rajendra Gupta, who has made a name for himself in the world of acting today and it was Rajendra Gupta who spread his acting in the 10’s in such a way that Rajendra Gupta. Gupta was once seen in most of the TV serials and he has acted in more than 40 TV serials in his acting career and is counted among the most successful actors in the industry and today his acting fans are also crazy.

Let me tell you that Rajendra Gupta was born in Panipat and his father was a big businessman and no member of his family had any connection with the world of acting, but Rajendra Gupta did this acting even though he did not come from the same film background. He decided to make his career in the world and he decided that he would become a successful actor in the future and for this Rajendra Gupta also learned acting from the National School of Drama in the year 1972 and after that Rajendra Gupta started his acting career. He started and acted in many superhit films and apart from this he also made a name for himself in the TV industry.

Let me tell you that Rajendra Gupta has acted in many superhit films like ‘Lagaan’, ‘Salim Langade Par Mat Ro’, ‘Guru’, ‘Sehar’ and ‘Tanu Weds Mein’ in the year 2001 and the same film ‘Rajendra’ Tanu Weds I played the role of Kangana Ranaut’s father and was also seen in the TV serial Chandrakanta. According to media reports, Rajendra Gupta has been involved in the world of acting for a long time and he is the one who is acting. Is.

Let me tell you that Rajendra Gupta runs his own production company along with famous Bollywood actress Nina Gupta and the name of this production company is Sahaj Productions. Because he has acted in not one or two but more than 40 TV serials in his career. Which is a very big record in itself and because of that Rajendra Gupta has become very popular.

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