Everything demanded from the heart and faith is fulfilled. The symbol of faith is Swaminarayan temple – read history by clicking

It is said that seeing the idol of Lord Swaminarayan makes us feel as if we have actually seen Lord Swaminarayan. Even now the image of God seems to be beating in the idol. Seeing the beauty of the idol, no man likes to move from there. The glory of Lord Swaminarayan is very unconventional. Here is the great glory of Nom Poonam and Agiyaras. Filling Nom Poonam and Agiyaras fulfills the desires of every devotee.

Everything demanded from the heart and faith is fulfilled. The symbol of faith is the Swaminarayan temple. Devotees come to the abode of Swaminarayan temple with their wishes from anything and everything and their wishes are fulfilled. Very few people know about Swaminarayan Mandir Vadtal. This temple was built by Lord Swaminarayan by placing bricks on his head. The town of Vadtal is also known as Vadtal Swaminarayan. The temple here is in the shape of a lotus, the inner temple has nine domes.

To proceed with the team of saints for planning and inspection of construction of Vadtal temple. The construction of the temple was completed within 15 months and the idols of Lord Laxminarayan were erected by Swaminarayan on November 1824, with meetings between the altar images and the devotional burdens. In the central part of the temple, he installed idols of Shri. To the right of Laxminarayan Dev and Shri Ranchodji, there are idols of Shri. Dharmadeva and Shri Bhaktita and Shri Vasudeva and on the left, Swaminarayan Shri. Radha Krishna Dev and Shri Harikrishna Maharaj

In Vadtal Dham lived a demon named Joban Pagi. His only job was to crack the flour and steal. He annoyed the people. People were fed up with it. Once a demon named joban pagi heard something. Here Lord Swaminarayan has a beautiful shiny pearl mare. This time he thought I would steal the pearl mare this time.

Once he stole a pearl horse and tied it to his dela. When he wakes up in the morning, he sees a pearl mare in all four directions. He immediately realized that this was a miracle of God. Taking a bullet that way, Swaminarayan went to the feet of God. And apologized to him and placed him at the feet of Padli Swaminarayan Bhagwan. From the demon named joban pagi became a devotee named joban pagi. He expressed his whole life in the service of Lord Swaminarayan. Some such miracles happen to the devotees and faith in God grows.
Jai Shri Swaminarayan, Author – Nirali Harshit

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