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Often people get absorbed in devotion to God to fulfill their desires. Some people pray to God to fulfill their desires. Every day is related to some deity. Tuesday is dedicated to Hanumanji. In such a situation learn about the special secrets connected with the life of Hanumanji and his 8 achievements.

Hanumanji is considered to be the incarnation of Rudra. In the scriptures, Hanumanji is considered to be the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva i.e. Rudra. It is said that Hanumanji got this incarnation after worshiping Lord Shiva and Indra. For this reason Hanumanji is considered to be very bright, dynamic and full of all virtues.

Secrets connected with Hanumanji .. Hanumanji had an important role in eliminating Ravana. Lord Hanuman is believed to be the son of Kesari, the monkey king of Sumeru mountain and mother Anjana. Mother Anjana was a very bright and pious woman. Also, she was very skilled in yoga. He achieved Vayu through yoga. That is why Hanumanji is also called Vayuputra.

8 Achievements of Hanumanji .. Hanumanji had 8 achievements. Anima can reduce her appearance. Hanumanji was enlarging his body with glorious achievement. Hanumanji used to lighten the body with a stick. Through Garima Siddhi, Hanumanji was able to deposit the body on the ground. Due to attainment, Hanumanji used to do darshan in all the three periods. With Prakamya Siddhi, Hanumanji had the ability to remain in a state of Samadhi. Hanumanji used to impress people with his achievements. People who have died through Ishita can also be resurrected.

Anima: On the strength of this achievement, Hanumanji could take on a very subtle form at any time. Hanumanji used this achievement when he crossed the sea and reached Lanka.

Glory On the strength of this achievement, Hanuman has become huge many times while Hanumanji was crossing the sea to Lanka. Then a demon named Surasa blocked his way in the middle of the road. At that time, to defeat Surasa, Hanumanji expanded himself by a hundred plans.
In addition to this, mother Sita made herself very big by using Mahima Siddhi to give faith in Shri Ram’s monkey army.

Dignity: With the help of this achievement, Hanumanji can lift himself up like a huge mountain. At one time, Bhima was proud of his power.

Minimum: With this achievement Hanumanji can completely lighten his weight and go anywhere in an instant. Sitting on this leaf, he introduced Sita.

Preface: With the help of this achievement, Hanumanji can go to the underworld in the depths of the earth, fly in the sky and even live in the water as long as he wants. With this achievement Hanumanji will always be young. Anything can be achieved for a long time.

Ishitva: With the help of this achievement Hanumanji got divine powers. Under the influence of Ishitva, Hanumanji skillfully led the whole ape army. Due to this achievement, he had the best control over all the monkeys. If he wants to do, then this achievement is used. With the help of this achievement, Hanumanji gets anything immediately. Understand the language of animals and birds, we can see the time to come.

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